What is a Soundboks?

The Soundboks is a hulk wireless orator that looks like a mutant, hulk chronicle of something like a BW T7. Need a sound complement for a beach celebration or usually hatred your neighbours? This could be a ticket.

Following early Kickstarter deals, it will sell for $699, expected to proportion to around £600 once sales taxation has been added.

As promised, it’s a loudest Bluetooth orator I’ve ever used. However, a sound peculiarity won’t blow we divided like a perfect decibel count will.

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Soundboks – Design and Features

The Soundboks is a consumer, crowd-funded chronicle of a unstable PA speaker. It’s a hulk box with a thick and corpulent grille on a front, usually half-hiding a dual enormous drivers that siphon out this thing’s sound.

It’s a brute, and honest it sits a good approach above my knee. This isn’t a orator we can usually lay in a dilemma and pattern it not to turn a bit of a articulate point.

But is it usually a unstable PA speaker? You can get those for underneath £200, after all. In some respects it is, yet it has a few elements that meant it feels many some-more like a unchanging buyer’s product.

Soundboks 5

First, there are those hulk steel balls on a edges. You could prize one of these off and use it as a weapon, yet what are they for? These make certain that as prolonged as a Soundboks is sitting on a flat-ish surface, we won’t totally mutilate a physique panels.

The panels seem to be tough, scrupulously finished twine residence rather than a nauseous cosmetic you’d get in a PA speaker. Those things are designed for pristine practicality, for a many part. The Soundboks is a bit different.

For another example, it has few volume knobs down one side, and stylistically they’re closer to oversize guitar amp knobs than anything else.

The Soundboks does have a certain DIY vibe to it, though. The battery slots into one side, and we can see a cables jamming into a thing. It’s not waterproof, that would be a accessible underline in an ‘outdoor’ speaker. The advantage is that we can reinstate a battery flattering easily.

Soundboks 5

Soundboks’s makers sent me a gangling speaker, and some packages come with one, yet a battery life is indeed unequivocally considerable yet a spare. It’ll final for adult to 30 hours during reduce volumes, or 8 hours during aloft ones. Not bad, right?

What a Soundboks can do is a small singular compared with customary wireless speakers during this arrange of price, yet it has a facilities it needs. There’s Bluetooth and a 3.5mm aux submit to let we block in, say, an iPod Classic.

Soundboks 11

You switch between these sources regulating one of those hulk guitar amp-style knobs on a side. The one beside it alters volume, predictably enough. The final underline we need to note is that span of hulk lift handles, one on any side. The Soundboks isn’t light, yet these handles make relocating a orator over brief distances a cinch.

Just to make it clear, there’s no multi-room, no Wi-Fi, and no integrated EQ. Its wiring are sincerely simple.

Soundboks – Sound Quality

The Soundboks is large and totally opposite to any other wireless orator I’ve reviewed. Its whole aim is to be a loudest orator around.

It hasn’t unsuccessful on that front. I’ve been regulating a Soundboks during home. we live in a semi-detached residence and have usually managed to get remotely tighten to a tip volume for a integrate of seconds: it’s called an outside orator for a reason.

The Soundboks uses a totally analogue volume knob, though, definition we can set it during any volume we want. Loud is not mandatory.

Soundboks 7

My emanate with a Soundboks is that it doesn’t unequivocally sound that good, during any volume I’ve managed to listen for a prolongeed time for. At many volumes a drum is weak and undisciplined, a three-way is a small humid and a mids are unequivocally soft. When regulating Bluetooth it also sounds unequivocally ‘digital’, as yet your 320kbps Spotify tide has unexpected been downsampled to a 64kbps MP3. I’m not certain because this is utterly as clear as it is, as you’d pattern a £500-600 orator to use reasonbale-quality DAC and a peculiarity compromises fundamental in Bluetooth are not this severe.

If you’re looking for something to act as a categorical hi-fi system, a Soundboks is not a good choice. For listening during a arrange of volumes I’d use day-to-day there are indeed little speakers that yield a higher-fidlity experience. Boxes like a Bose Soundlink Mini II and Kef Muo.

This isn’t a point, of course. No mid-size Bluetooth orator can go remotely as shrill as a Soundboks. However, during mid-level and louder volumes a drum is unequivocally boomy. It’ll waste in a far-reaching outdoor areas, yet as a situations in that it excels are so narrow, we consternation because we usually wouldn’t buy a battery-powered unstable PA speaker.

They start during reduction than a third of a price, and given a Soundboks’s ubiquitous miss of audio fealty we can’t suppose a sound would be all that many worse.

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Should we buy a Soundboks?

The Soundboks is a hulk wireless orator that offers good battery life and a beach-ready body. However, a situations in that it’ll be useful are flattering limited.

This doesn’t sound good adequate to be used as a home speaker, not during £400-600 (exact UK cost is still TBC). It goes loud, yet a sound peculiarity lacks a punch or refinement we tend to get with some-more required wireless speakers.

Its sound won’t waste into a night like your normal wireless speaker, though. If we find yourself unresolved out on private beaches or have gatherings on dull fields, maybe a Soundboks is usually right. However, I’m struggling to see what it offers over a many better-value unstable PA setup aside from a some-more Kickstarter (and mainstream audience)-friendly design.


It’s very, unequivocally loud, yet a Soundboks’ audio peculiarity isn’t adult to scratch.

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