SoundMagic E10S Headphone Review

What are a SoundMagic E10S?

The SoundMagic E10S are entry-level IEM (in-ear monitor) earphones, a kind that yield a sound-blocking we need for use on shrill open transport. They’re also a follow-up to one of a many renouned bill sets around, a SoundMagic E10.

They competence demeanour a same, yet SoundMagic has altered a drivers given we final attempted these headphones, and they have a intelligent new underline that’ll make them work with usually about any phone we can find.

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SoundMagic E10S – Design and Comfort

The SoundMagic E10S demeanour a good understanding like a E10 earphones, yet if we owned that set years ago we competence notice a few small tweaks to a design.

We’ll start from a beginning. The SoundMagic E10S have a steel bombard whose rather higher-end character is dark behind a bold, colourful design.

The steel outdoor partial extends to a front to form a earpiece aperture, with usually a top during a behind being done of plastic.

With a rather loud, rather youthful style, a SoundMagic E10S outdoor pattern doesn’t have a low-key category of a cheaper earphones from Nocs and Sony. However, we don’t consider we should dwell too prolonged on a elementary looks of earphones that long. At their worst, they’re zero like as attention-grabbing as full-size headphones.

You can get a SoundMagic E10S in red/black, silver/black or gold/black in a UK, and all have a disfigured wire that’s rather unusual, generally in a bill earphone. We suppose this is a magnitude to urge strength, as a wire was indeed of a customary kind when we reviewed a strange E10 a few years ago.

As we competence pattern of an entry-level set, a E10S come with elementary rubber tips, of 3 sizes. They’re a small cheap-feeling, yet we can always obstacle yourself some Comply froth or higher-grade silicone tips online if we don’t get on with them. You also get a small tote and a belt shave – we’d ask for zero some-more during a price.

While a steel construction gives a good initial impression, we do have some concerns about a build of a E10S. Our initial span grown a sincerely serious orator motorist flex crackle, that in speculation shouldn’t be an emanate in ported earphones, yet a deputy set is still going strong. We’re not assured that these earphones will tarry years of use, though.

As IEM earphones we do get some sound siege with a SoundMagic E10S, yet a ported pattern means it’s not terrific. There’s utterly a vast pier on a underside of a earpieces that allows atmosphere to upsurge by these earphones. However, it also lets a bit of sound in and out. We found we indispensable to adult a volume a bit on a London Tube, nonetheless they’re still excellent for open transport.


SoundMagic E10S – Features

What sets a SoundMagic E10S detached from many other earphones is that they have a crafty small switch on a jack block that customises a tie to fit opposite sources. It’s to opposite an emanate you’ll possibly never have listened of or found intensely annoying.

Some phone manufacturers use rather opposite headphone jacks that make earphones with inline remotes sound plain wrong, as if a jack isn’t connected properly. The small switch on a E10S offers one position for iPhones, BlackBerrys, HTC phones and after Samsung Galaxy models, and another for a Nokia and Sony Xperia lines, and other Samsung phones. Samsung likes to brew it up, apparently.

This is a initial time we’ve seen earphones with this arrange of functionality baked in – with others we need to get a small adapter wire for them to work scrupulously with certain phones. It means a jack housing is a bit chunkier than a norm, yet not to a cryptic extent.

The SoundMagic E10S also offer a elementary small hands-free remote designed to work with each phone underneath a sun. As such, it usually has one symbol rather than three, yet it’s adequate to take calls and play or postponement your tunes.

SoundMagic E10S – Sound Quality

The SoundMagic E10S use singular energetic drivers, and opt for a sincerely populist sound signature. They have a rather expanded/enlarged drum response that’s on a wrong side of balanced.

It adds pep to dance and beat-based music, yet isn’t 100 per cent integrated – it’s a conspicuous boost that does dissapoint a differently plain sound change of a SoundMagic E10S. We suppose this is something that competence have grown or increasing a small in a several iterations of E10 that have been expelled given a beginnings.

If we don’t wish this additional bass, find out a SoundMagic E30. They’re most reduction renouned than a E10, yet offer a some-more neutral tinge that we consider is rather higher to what’s on offer here.

However, a SoundMagic E10S are differently great. Where entry-level earphones are mostly overly soothing and warm-sounding – a protected choice when traffic with low-end drivers – a E10S offer detailed, sparky three-way that offers a crafty sense of fact while progressing a smooth, non-harsh tone.

Treble prolongation is rather regressive compared with a rather some-more costly Nocs NS500, yet it’s also reduction disposed to sibilance. These are not all-out splendid earphones, and there is a small reduce mid-range density that means we do skip out a small on a stereo clarity of a leaner SoundMagic E30.

The soundstage display is differently good, with a maybe startling grade of subdivision for earphones of this level. This is where a SoundMagic E10S surpass over one apparent arch rival, a Sennheiser CX 3.00, a new chronicle of a classical Sennheiser CX300 that was once a go-to bill earphone.

Should we buy a SoundMagic E10S?

The SoundMagic E10S are a slight tweak of a classical SoundMagic E10 for people with annoying phones that don’t sound right by typical earphones. This is a open use release, and a initial of a kind we’ve seen.

Commendable sound peculiarity make them a good choice even if your stream phone has no problem with ‘normal’ earphones, too.

However, we do consider that a some-more neutral tinge of a SoundMagic E30 competence greatfully a pickier ears. They’re not as widely available, yet are value seeking out if we wish to declare what crafty engineering can fist out of a £30-40 earphone.


Decent sound peculiarity and a crafty wire make these some of a best sub-£50 earphones.

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