Spacetime Studios Releases Pocket Legends Adventures Worldwide

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Spacetime Studios, a Texas-based eccentric mobile diversion developer and publisher, announced Pocket Legends Adventures is globally accessible from a App Store and Google Play.

Pocket Legends Adventures facilities innovative real-time combat, singular skill-based advancement, unconstrained impression customization, and endless singular actor campaigns.

“Pocket Legends Adventures lets players knowledge low RPG mechanics but a hard-core grind.” pronounced Gary Gattis, CEO. “This infrequent take on aged propagandize MMOs is ideally matched for today’s pick-up-and-play lifestyle.”

Social gameplay is during a forefront of Pocket Legends Adventures, with a diversion also portion as a 24/7 discuss room populated by some of a many dainty 3D avatars on Mobile. Players hang out while they combine or contest with any other on a leaderboards, play in pick-up-groups or parties, and eventually concur in bomb end-game raid content.

Combat is characterized by a singular real-time complement where position and timing are vicious for both avoiding rivalry attacks and inflicting reward damage. Combined with PLA’s open impression enrichment system, this uninformed proceed to fight rewards sublime play and vital thinking.


  •     Adventure in sum leisure with an open impression enrichment system.
  •     Collect and turn adult a far-reaching accumulation of ranged, melee, and recovering Pets.
  •     Master outlandish weapons including Bows, Staffs, Swords, Tomes, Wands, Nunchuks, and Talons.
  •     Learn keen sorcery and expel absolute spells to fleece enemies.
  •     Explore a single-player debate full of tricks, traps, and a horde of enemies and bosses.
  •     Add friends to contest on a leaderboards in a far-reaching accumulation of multiplayer zones.

The diversion can be downloaded on a App Store ( or Google Play (

More information can be found about a diversion at:

About Spacetime Studios:

Spacetime Studios is an eccentric diversion developer and publisher located in Austin, Texas. The association was founded by videogame veterans Cinco Barnes, Gary Gattis, Jake Rodgers and Anthony L. Sommers. In 2010, Spacetime expelled a world’s initial 3D real-time mobile MMO, Pocket Legends. Since afterwards a association has expelled an additional 7 games and continues to enhance a calm and record to lead a mobile multiplayer market.

Spacetime Studios, a Spacetime Studios logo, Pocket Legends Adventures, and all compared design and designs are copyrights or purebred trademarks of Spacetime Studios, Inc. Apple and iOS are trademarks of Apple, Inc. Android is a heading of Google, Inc.

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