SpaceX Publishes Photos Under Creative Commons

The private space association SpaceX has motionless to take a repository of photos into a dauntless new universe — that of Creative Commons.

Elon Musk’s association has placed many of a photos in a new Flickr comment and placed them underneath a “some rights reserved” permit that creates them easier for organisations like us — and a open — to publish.

The photos are stunning, including shots of a launches and even a satellite descending into circuit taken by a robotic camera.

The pierce brings SpaceX roughly into line with NASA, that — as a supervision group — automatically places a films and photos into a open domain. While SpaceX didn’t utterly go that distant – notwithstanding calls from many in a press – it does concede new audiences to observe a undoubted swell for a initial time.

Here are some of the favourites.

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