Speakers, Sponsors Come Together for Restaurant Takeout, Delivery and…

The 2018 Restaurant Takeout, Delivery and Catering Symposium will underline speakers from concepts such as CoreLife Eatery, Genghis Grill, Protein Bar, Jason’s Deli, and Red Robin, who will intersect in Denver on Jun 19 to showcase a best and brightest in off-premise operations. (Click here to register.)

The Symposium, now in a fourth year, gathers together some-more than 240 off-premise leaders and suppliers to plead trends, hurdles and solutions for takeout, smoothness and catering. The Symposium is open to all c-level executives and directors tasked with building and compelling grill off-premise operations.

The one-day eventuality will flog off with a keynote residence from Erle Dardick, owner and CEO of MonkeyMedia Software, The Catering Institute and Off Premise Insights, and attention trends and information consultant Darren Tristano. The keynote will take a low dive into never-before-seen information about off-premise operations that will exhibit marketplace distance and approaching growth, and will describe a commentary to a business horizon operators can simply adopt.

Other pivotal Symposium topics will concentration on a 8 areas of vital investment for off-premise success, channel split between takeout and catering, how to build off-premise sales, a record plans for off-premise success, and ways to precedence third-party marketplaces for smoothness and other services. Speakers will include:

Scott Davis, CEO, CoreLife Eatery

Jim Vinz, CEO, Genghis Grill

Jeff Drake, president, The Protein Bar

Trudy Jones, Director of Alternative Platforms, Catering, Red Robin

James Clark, Director of Food and Beverage, Mama Fu’s

Ed Keller, Director of Off-premise Business Development, Corner Bakery Café

Gracie Prasanson, Director of Sales, Jason’s Deli

Richard Hodges, VP of Operations, La Madeleine

The Symposium is now sponsored by Accurate Box, Cambro, Dinova, Inktel, LBP Manufacturing, MonkeyMedia Software, The Catering Institute, PepsiCo Foodservice, Southern Champion Tray, Vesture, Voice Teleservices, Whirley Drinks, and WNA.

About Off Premise Insights

Off Premise Insights is a edition multiplication of Monkey Group, that also stewards MonkeyMedia Software™ and The Catering Institute™. Based on editorial objectivity and integrity, Off-Premise Insights covers trends, information and best practices surrounding grill takeout, smoothness catering operations. Off Premise Insights proactively supports a grill village by providing a information, stories and information indispensable to assistance operators make pivotal decisions dictated to grow sales and boost profits.

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