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What is a SpotCam Sense?

The SpotCam Sense is one of many home confidence cameras flooding a Amazon homepage.

It doesn’t do many to compute itself from competing products in a same cost bracket, like a Y-Cam Evo or Nest Cam, when it comes to specifications and features.

But by removing many of a basis right a Sense earns a place as a arguable entry-level home monitoring solutions on a market, if we can put adult with a miss of simply permitted inner storage and bad microphone.

SpotCam Sense – Design and setup

Spotcam Sense

The Spotcam Sense isn’t a prettiest camera around. It looks like a squashed, somewhat reduction alluring chronicle of a Netatmo Welcome. Sitting during 15cm high, it’s also not a smallest home monitoring camera on a market. But a black chronicle we tested was distant from magnificent and ticked many of a right boxes when it comes to functionality.

As a camera we can possibly giveaway mountain it on a table or shelf, or insert a Sense to a wall regulating a supposing screws. we was also means to insert it to a wall regulating double-sided fasten due to a Sense’s light weight during usually 168g, yet Spotcam doesn’t indeed suggest we do this.

The usually reduction where we can place it is a somewhat brief energy wire supposing in a box, that usually stretches out a integrate of meters, This will be an emanate for people who wish to wall mountain it in a high corner. Personally I’d have favourite to see a battery-power option, yet for a income it’s tough to quibble.

Once placed, a setup routine is flattering many matching to all a cameras I’ve tested. All we have to do is download a app (iOS and Android support), bond a camera to your router and follow a array of on shade instructions to name and adjust a Sense’s settings to your liking. The whole routine took me reduction than 5 mins and was blissfully giveaway of a tie issues I’ve gifted on other cameras like a Swann One Smart Home Control Kit, Y-Cam Evo and D-Link Smart Home Security Kit.

My usually vital emanate with a SpotCam’s pattern is that it doesn’t underline a microSD container for inner recording. Instead it has a sincerely tiny 500MB inner label that is usually used for “disaster recovery”. The SD saves adult to 3 hours of footage when a camera loses internet connectivity, that is a good touch, yet bizzarely we can’t indoctrinate a camera to save locally. This joined with a fact we can’t enhance a volume of storage past 3 hours will be an distrurbance for people who like to keep a correct record of what’s going on around their home when they’re away, or like carrying a total confidence of saving warning footage in dual locations.

Spotcam Sense

SpotCam Sense – Software and recording

Fortunately this emanate is partially curtailed by a SpotCam software’s cloud storage options. SpotCam’s charity 24-hours of giveaway cloud storage. This isn’t singular to SpotCam, many heading providers offer 24 hours, nonetheless some usually concede half that.

Those who wish to can also boost a volume of storage by upgrading to one of SpotCam’s paid for cloud packages, that are sincerely competitive. These embody options for 3 days to a month’s value of cloud storage for between $3.95-$19.95 per month, that is about £3.50 to £16.

The SpotCam’s app facilities a identical user interface to Y-Cam’s, where a homepage facilities discerning tiled shortcuts to each connected camera in your home. Within a by-pass is a tiny environment idol that lets we manually adjust things like suit warning sensitivity, recording fortitude and also lets we report what times you’d like it to start detecting suit and recording.

Within a categorical camera feed we afterwards have options to take photos, use a in-built to pronounce to people and download “events”, that are image recordings when an warning is triggered. Events can be set to trigger for suit and sound, that is flattering standard for a march on a camera in a Sense’s cost bracket.

Spotcam Sense

The display underline valid pretty arguable during contrast and a SpotCam app was blissfully discerning to bond to a live feed, even on 4G.

My usually oppose with a Sense’s monitoring powers is that, notwithstanding display a live feed in Full HD, prisoner footage is available in 720p. In unchanging light a saved 720p footage is some-more than good adequate to brand specific people’s faces from two-three meters away, yet any serve than this it becomes difficult.

Footage prisoner in a dim is also too loud to recognize specific faces, notwithstanding a camera’s night prophesy mode, yet being satisfactory this is a problem on many of a some-more budget-friendly cameras we test.

The built-in heat sensor also valid useful. The sensor, total with a Sense’s other hardware, powers a app’s Home Vitals section, that provides line graphs detailing a room’s temperature, light and suit levels via a day. This is really identical to Canary, that also allows we set adult alerts for humidity, atmosphere peculiarity and temperature.

The usually downside to a SpotCam is it’s miss of out-of-the-box additional facilities and lifeless microphone. we can pardon a miss of facial approval features, such as a ones seen on a Netatmo Welcome, given a Sense’s price, yet a deficiency of geofencing is a bit annoying, generally given many of a rivals support it.

Geofencing effectively means we can stop meditative about your camera; it’ll start formulating alerts when we leave your phone (using your smartphone’s location) and stop when we return. The underline is a tiny hold that facilities on countless rivals including Nest, Canary and Netgear Arlo, so it’s a pain not to have it here in such a rival market.

The Sense’s IFTTT functionality opportunely helps diminish a issue, if we have a patience. IFTTT is an shortening of “If This Then That” and in my mind a exigency for any intelligent home system. It’s fundamentally a imagination web use that lets we get apps to work together and emanate specific triggers, called ‘Recipes’, so if one thing happens another app will automatically react.

Once we logged into my IFTTT comment and total a SpotCam app to it, we was means to set it adult so a camera would automatically activate a impulse Google Maps rescued we had left my home regulating a GPS on my phone.

The microphone and orator issues, however, can’t be so simply fixed. The mic and orator in speculation let we hear, as good as see, what’s going on in a live feed and speak to people or pets, yet with genuine universe use incoming audio sounds loud and undefined. Even teenager credentials sound sounds somewhat twisted and chatting by a mic, my flatmate described my voice as “sounding like a genocide steel singers” during testing.

The outcome might be good when we wish to shock burglars, yet will be reduction useful for people that wish to use a SpotCam to check on their pets or tiny children.

Spotcam Sense

Should we buy a SpotCam Sense?

The SpotCam Sense isn’t a insubordinate product, yet ticks many of a right boxes. Offering arguable live recording, pretty accurate suit display and IFTTT functionality a Sense is a plain choice for anyone on a marketplace for a home monitoring camera.

The usually critical downsides are a below-average microphone and miss of decent inner storage options, that will be a adhering indicate for buyers’ privately focused on home security.


A solid, no frills entrance turn home monitoring camera.

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