Spotify Premium refurbish personalises Artist Radio and adds offline playback

Spotify has introduced a contingent of new facilities for Premium subscribers, earnest to broach a profitable business a some-more personal and discerning experience.

The association is introducing a new UI with streamlined navigation, creation it easier for Premium subscribers to find what they’re looking for.

Spotify has also redesigned a Search add-on within a app, claiming it’s a new “one-stop end for artists, albums, podcasts and more.”

In a blog post, a association writes: “At a tip of a screen, listeners can find their Top Genres—from indie to nation to reggae—and simply learn a song that best reflects them and their mood.”

Finally, comes a underline called Endless Artist Radio, that is flattering self-explanatory. Like Pandora, Spotify subscribers can embark a playlist formed on one of their favourite artists or songs. The association says users can simply hunt for a lane or musician in doubt and embark an unconstrained listening session, personalised to your possess tastes.

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The bubbling hulk promises a playlists will be rested regularly, and can even be downloaded for offline playback.


Beyond a offline playback underline and a personalisation of a playlist,  it isn’t transparent either there are any other differences between this and a company’s existent Radio service, where it’s already probable to start unconstrained stations by selecting albums, artists, songs and playlists. We’ve contacted Spotify for clarity here.

Elsewhere this week, Spotify revamped a Wear OS knowledge with a standalone app that offers streaming directly from a wrist. While it offers playback controls and Spotify connect, a app doesn’t nonetheless underline a choice to download song to a watch for offline playback.

Spotify says this is a initial chronicle of a app, so we can design an refurbish in due course.

Is Spotify your song streaming provider of choice? Or are we an Apple Music or Tidal convert? Do your Android loyalties drive we towards Google Play Music? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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