SteelSeries Arctis 7

What is a SteelSeries Arctis 7?

The Arctis 7 is SteelSeries’ oppulance gaming headset for PlayStation and PC gamers who wish a arguable set of cans that can truly do probity to games. It fuses a stellar span of stereo drivers with a pattern that looks and feels any bit as costly as it is.

Put simply, a Arctis 7 is a best headset I’ve tested to date. Sure, some of a buttons are tiny small, and a initial cost will be out of strech for many, though if you’re prepared to deposit afterwards in lapse you’ll have yourself a class-leading headset.

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SteelSeries Arctis 7 – Design, Build and Features

Priced during a tiny over £150, a Arctis 7 is an costly headset. Unlike many sets in this cost range, however, a Arctis screams quality.

The tip territory uses an discerning self-adjusting wipe for fitting, and this can be substituted out for an choice pattern if we don’t like a default winter deception look. Unlike a HyperX Cloud Revolver, a rope doesn’t control sound into a headset when touched, thereby achieving a gentle fit though any disastrous side effects. It isn’t an overly immeasurable headset, so those with immeasurable heads might find it a tiny small, however.

The headset’s support is done adult of an aluminium tip square that’s connected to a earcups around a cosmetic hinge that allows for 90-degree rotation. The earcups are coated in a soft-touch matte finish, with a whole headset feeling good in a hand. The oval ear pads are done from a silky cloth that we many cite over mistake leather – nonetheless I’d maybe have favourite to have seen a tad some-more froth beneath.

Overall, a headset is really gentle in use; even with my eyeglasses on, we could happily wear a headset for hours. By comparison, nonetheless a Razer Man O’War headset is also relaxing to wear, a Arctis 7 offers a immeasurable step adult in peculiarity during a reduce cost point.

arctis 7

Connecting a headset is achieved with a enclosed USB transmitter. It’s incomparable than some rivals, though provides a ridiculously clever vigilance – we can travel to an adjacent room, tighten a door, and it will still be going strong. It even has a neat celebration trick: we can bond your speakers to a device, and it will afterwards seamlessly outlay to them whenever a headset is disconnected. A good touch.

The microphone can’t be detached, though it retracts orderly into a headset when not in use. SteelSeries has also placed a splendid red LED on a tip to yield transparent presentation that a mic is muted. Controlling a Arctis 7 is achieved around a buttons and dials on any earcup, with options for both headset volume and microphone levels. They’re a tad fiddly, though it’s easy adequate to get used to them. It’s here that you’ll also find ports for charging (via microUSB), joining a connected 3.5mm device and audio sharing.


SteelSeries Arctis 7 – Audio Quality

The Arctis 7 isn’t usually a flattering face – in fact, it’s arguably even some-more considerable when it comes to song and gaming. The cans have a pleasing clarity of rhythm, with transparent vocals station strongly opposite a subsidy instruments. This isn’t an overly bassy headset, though it handles a mid-tones impossibly well.

In fact, it’s a many natural-sounding headset I’ve come across, even removing flattering tighten to a decent span of dedicated headphones. It doesn’t matter either it’s Jay Z or Glen Campbell – it’s all rubbed with square and grace, pure by any wireless interference.

arctis 7

If you’re some-more of gamer, a good news doesn’t stop there. Playing Horizon Zero Dawn sees we try immeasurable landscapes, and a Arctis 7 done it that tiny bit some-more immersive, with perplexing fact in a game’s fascinating soundtrack. Arrows are dismissed with a clarity of force, and a remarkable shaft of a furious appurtenance can make evading feel some-more exciting. Games such as Civilization VI might not offer a same turn of action, though a abounding tones of Sean Bean come opposite clearly, as if a male himself is examination helpfully over your shoulders.

Equipped with DTS Headphone:X, a headset is also means to reconstruct a approximate sound vigilance by a stereo drivers when regulating a gaming PC. It opens adult a soundstage a little, though don’t pattern to hear a footsteps of players creeping behind you.

You can tweak a sound signature regulating a SteelSeries Engine software. It’s sincerely basic, though it’s positively functional. Enabling DTS Headphone:X is simple, adjusting a EQ is reflected in real-time, and profiles can be saved to particular applications. Useful if we wish a tiny some-more weight in Call Of Duty, though wish to safety a sum in music.

The microphone is also of a suitable calibre. Recordings were picked adult cleanly, though any poignant clarity of nasality. The noise-cancelling tech also works a treat, with credentials sound apropos significantly quieter. Some users have complained that it’s a tiny still with a pick-up, though it can be increased in software, and we wouldn’t demur to use this for in-game discuss or voice calls.

Battery life seems to have accommodate Steelseries’ expectations. we was means to use a headset for a roughly dual weeks before requiring a charge, with around an hour or dual of use per day.

arctis 7

Should we buy a SteelSeries Arctis 7?

The Arctis 7 is an superb square of audio equipment. Not usually is it built to demeanour and feel expensive, though a organic pattern creates it a fun to use for hours on end. The wireless operation and battery life are second-to-none, and while £150 will get we a better-sounding span of dedicated headphones, a Arctis’ audio is fantastic, and will broach a products opposite your song and Steam libraries.

If we have £150 to spend on a wireless headset and have a PS4 or gaming PC, afterwards demeanour no further.


A near-flawless headset that delivers on any level.

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