Stein Mart Partners with The Parker Avery Group

Stein Mart Partners with The Parker Avery Group

Parker Avery’s turn of sell attention experience, along with their ‘get it done’ approach, is distinct any other organisation I’ve worked with.

Stein Mart, a inhabitant specialty off-price retailer, partners with sell consulting organisation The Parker Avery Group for improvements in merchandising operations, register opening and altogether margins.

At a commencement of 2017, a tradesman was confronting vicious hurdles with product assortment, register levels, margins, and altogether merchandising practices. 2017 was a duration of transition for Stein Mart and they began creation poignant improvements—primarily adopting and following a 36-month merchandising alleviation roadmap grown with The Parker Avery Group.

“We have updated a collection and softened register capability by reduced register levels, changes to receipt flow, and softened bonus practices, and Parker Avery has been a profitable partner for us in this journey,” according to Mary Anne Morin, Stein Mart President. “Parker Avery’s turn of sell attention experience, along with their ‘get it done’ approach, is distinct any other organisation I’ve worked with. In offer to standard consulting roles, we have Amanda Astrologo, Senior Manager during The Parker Avery Group, partnering with me as a behaving EVP of Planning.”

Developed late in 2016 by early 2017, a merchandising roadmap enclosed routine improvements in a series of vicious areas: integrated calendar management, vital planning, bonus management, open-to-buy management, allocation, and reporting. Entering 2018, a dual companies continue to partner on initiatives focused on replenishment, bonus execution, hierarchy improvements, and use of extended product attributing. Future enhancements will engage offer work with sell and collection formulation tools, as good as softened formation opposite several elements of their merchandising resolution platform.

“Our work with Stein Mart is a ideal instance of a patron that is experiencing problems, though is anticipating creation suggestive changes to be difficult,” pronounced Clay Parnell, Parker Avery’s President and Managing Partner. “Where a initial arrogance was complement replacement, we fast suggested a concentration on core merchandising business processes and policies first, with a believe that systems work might be compulsory down a road. This authorised Stein Mart to grasp advantages some-more quickly, but a poignant IT investment.”

In offer to routine improvements, Parker Avery infused a vicious concentration on change management, including communication, training, and operative with a Stein Mart executive group on bargain and embracing their purpose in heading vital transformational change. Affirming this mindset, Morin states, “Fostering change is not easy. Everyone could see that something indispensable to be finished differently, so we only have to keep reminding ourselves because change is necessary. The hardest partial is pulling for change in allege of saying results. Once people start to see genuine benefits, they assistance turn ambassadors for some-more improvements.”

About Parker Avery:

The Parker Avery Group is a boutique plan and government consulting organisation focused on a sell industry. The firm’s professionals offer as devoted advisors to heading sell and attire brands. Parker Avery specializes in merchandising, planning, supply sequence and omnichannel business models, integrating patron insights and a digital sell believe with strategy, resolution doing and operational improvements to grasp sell business objectives. To find out some-more about a firm’s services and attention suspicion leadership, greatfully email contact(at)parkeravery(dot)com or revisit


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About Stein Mart:

Stein Mart, Inc. is a inhabitant specialty off-price tradesman charity engineer and name-brand conform apparel, home décor, accessories and boots during bland bonus prices. Stein Mart provides genuine value that business adore each day both in stores and online. The association now operates 289 stores opposite 30 states. For some-more information, greatfully revisit


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