Stihl BGA 85 Garden Tools Review

What is a Stihl BGA85?

With a unequivocally absolute output, cordless battery operation and non-static speed, a Stihl BGA85 is among a many high-spec root blowers we can now buy. This does fundamentally come during a premium, yet if we simply wish a best afterwards this is a ventilator for you. Read on to find out why.

Stihl BGA 85

Stihl BGA85 – Design and Features

The initial important thing about a Stihl BGA85 is that it’s battery powered. Stihl usually claims a battery life of 23 mins so professionals and those with definitely vast gardens/orchards will still be improved off with a mains or petrol powered unit, yet with a energy this thing possesses 23 mins is still a lot of root clearing potential. Plus, by charging a gangling battery while we use a initial we can during slightest double a unsentimental use time.

What unequivocally outlines this root ventilator out, though, is that a battery powered portability doesn’t come during a costly of power. This thing still has a whopping 650 m3/h postulated atmosphere throughput (845 m3/h max) with an atmosphere speed of 46m/s, that is on standard with mains and even petrol powered models.

Stihl BGA 85

Making this indication even some-more versatile is that a vast energy outlay is variable, with an analogue trigger used to change a speed. It’s not a token turn of opposite either, rising right a approach from zero by to full blast – some models offer non-static speeds yet don’t dump all a approach down or offer full linear control.

The controls are also expertly designed, creation this one-handed device free to operate. The trigger sits on a underside of a hoop where it’s easy to strech with your initial integrate of fingers and a movement is peaceful adequate to not make it overpowering to keep reason down.

Meanwhile on a tip corner is a unbending shifting close switch to keep kids from simply handling a device and a reserve symbol that needs to be pulpy down to activate a trigger. The latter is again free to use as it simply gets pulpy in naturally as we reason a handle.

You get dual forms of projection enclosed with a Stihl BGA85, with one carrying a straight-cut turn finish and a other carrying a flattened and ceiling curving design. The latter is a default one for root blowing, where we wish a far-reaching and as plane a jet as possible, while a former gives a some-more approach absolute blast. Switching between nozzles is a bit ungainly as we have to turn them to transparent them and they are a bit stiff.

Stihl BGA 85

The section itself might be unstable yet it is large, weighing in during 3.2kg and measuring 100 x 30 x 15cm with a projection attached, and a length usually drops to 80cm with no projection attached. For a singular purpose device – i.e. one that isn’t also a garden opening – this is definitely a lot of bulk. However, it mostly carries itself well. A nick on a bottom corner allows for easy unresolved up, a miss of a cord creates it easy to put divided and a positioning of a hoop and controls creates it unequivocally easy to handle.

The battery container is a vast 36V, 178Wh section that weighs 1.7kg! It slides into a recess during a behind where it acts as a blow for a rest of a blower, all of that sits in front of a handle. Sadly, no battery is enclosed with a BGA85 and nor is a charger, creation a sum cost of removing a simple blower/battery/charger setup a whopping £475, going by Stihl’s MSRP. At slightest a battery and horse are concordant with other Stihl products.

Stihl BGA 85

Stihl BGA 85 – Performance

The BGA85 is definitely simply a fun to use. The preference of a battery energy means that, presumption it has some assign left, we can simply collect adult a device and go. There are no cables to block in, petrol tanks to fill, collection bags to insert or hoses to file (unlike with multi-purpose devices). You usually press a trigger and go.

The change and intrepidity of a section is also definitely superb. It could maybe do with a second hoop to take a aria when during full energy yet for a arrange of sub-half hour jobs it’s designed for it’s superb.

The perfect energy on offer is also impressive. Clearing a 40m2 exam weed of a 3kg of damp leaves took usually a handful of mins and it had no problems digging out realistic leaves stranded in a grass. We totalled a effective clearing operation as adult to 6.5ft, that might not sound many yet when you’re traffic with a volume of heavy, soppy leaves it is a unequivocally good symbol that again puts it on standard with mains powered machines.

Stihl BGA 85

This beast force can also be tranquil unequivocally simply with that trigger, creation it unequivocally easy to not usually stop and start as we stratagem around your garden yet also creates this suitable for use turn some-more ethereal foliage and potentially even for indoor powdering – there are few easier ways to dirt a book shelf or transparent your garage of saw dirt and cobwebs.

Inevitably this is a loud appurtenance yet with a rise sound turn totalled during 82dB (measured during conduct height, holding a apparatus in normal position to a side) it’s among a quieter models of a turn of power, with some other models reaching 85dB. Being electric it is of march quieter than petrol models too. At an estimate smallest speed (it’s formidable to reason a trigger during accurately a smallest indicate consistently) we totalled a sound turn had forsaken to usually 60dB, so we can simply do lighter tasks though unfortunate a neighbours too much.

Stihl BGA 85

Should we buy a Stihl BGA85?

The Stihl BGA85 is definitely simply a excellent handheld root ventilator we’ve ever used. Its mixed of perfect power, with accurate controls and battery energy portability creates it definitely free to use. Its battery life doesn’t definitely make it suitable for unequivocally vast gardens though possibly investing in mixed batteries or being peaceful to wait half an hour between sessions. But a energy it offers means we can get a ruin of a lot finished in those 23 minutes.

The usually downsides are that it is definitely massive and unequivocally costly for a singular use tool. Weaker battery powered units are many some-more compress and lightweight while Stihl’s possess mains powered total root blower/garden opening is scarcely half a cost of a BGA85. Other battery powered models do also come during a reward yet a BGA 85 is still around twice a cost of many competitors. This is a reward product and we unequivocally do compensate for it.


If you’re simply after a ultimate handheld root ventilator afterwards this is a one to get. It’s powerful, versatile and free to use. However, it is definitely vast and unequivocally costly for a device that’ll still need we to bag a leaves adult manually.

Stihl doesn’t batch a products in a big-name DIY/garden centres
but rather works with dilettante retailers. For a full list of UK
dealers conduct to a Stihl website.

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