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Wakefield, MA (PRWEB) Feb 27, 2015

Elementary and delegate propagandize students are mostly stumped by exam questions that need higher-order meditative skills, generally before they have built a foundational believe of a applicable terms. They are, in effect, being asked to answer formidable questions though initial meaningful a language.

To conflict this problem, JogNog has combined Flash quizzes to a library of over 1,700 standards-aligned quizzes. Flash quizzes concentration usually on a terms compulsory for a elementary bargain of a curriculum standard. The questions are mixed choice with dual distinctions:

  • One distractor (wrong answer) created to constraint standard difficulty about a sold term
  • A highly-simplified sketch for any answer that serve helps a tyro heed between a scold answer and a distractor

With usually one distractor, really brief terms, and simplified answers with images, Flash ask questions do not entirely exam or conclude a terms. Instead, they yield a quick and talented proceed for students to build a offshoot into a pivotal aspect of any term. This proceed allows them to remember a terms after and gives them a substructure to build on in bargain some-more formidable concepts.

JogNog now has Flash quizzes for grades 6, 7, 8 for Life Science and for Earth and Space Science, with some-more being combined any day.

In further to charity these singular quizzes for elemental and calming learning, a JogNog refurbish includes 3 new features:

  • Students are speedy to essay for poise training by receiving additional coins and stars when they grasp a ideal score.
  • Teachers now have a simple, quick proceed to see how many standards have been lonesome for any category and how students urge from a pre- and post- assessments.
  • Teachers now can simply plea other classes to a ask foe that motivates students and promotes team-work in learning.

“Teachers currently are approaching to learn higher-order meditative skills. It is a good instruction for preparation though we are mostly jumping too fast to a big, formidable ideas and questions, and a kids are removing stuck,” remarkable Stephen Smith, CEO of JogNog. “With this update, JogNog provides a skeleton on that students can build foundational believe before they are called on to practice higher-order meditative skills.”

About JogNog

JogNog provides digital training apps for online infirm and summative comment that motivate students to learn in an enchanting and fun way. Specifically designed to accommodate teachers’ needs, JogNog delivers exam and examination questions aligned to Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and state curriculum standards for grades 2 by 12. JogNog is one of usually a few educational apps that have investigate display real-world certain impact on state contrast proficiency. It is accessible on a web, iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows phone, and educational tablets such as Amplify and Kuno. For some-more information about JogNog, revisit http://www.JogNog.com where teachers can also pointer adult for a 30-day giveaway hearing that includes entrance to all quizzes for all their students.

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