Sunwave Announces Growth Equity Investment from Blueprint Equity

We demeanour brazen to operative with Blueprint, leveraging a bomb growth, and holding Sunwave to a subsequent turn of success.

Sunwave, a heading program provider for piece abuse diagnosis centers currently announced a enlargement equity investment from Blueprint Equity, a enlargement equity organisation focused on investing in market-leading craving businesses. The vital partnership will capacitate Sunwave to continue a arena of fast enlargement and broach a groundbreaking record to some-more diagnosis centers seeking to some-more effectively conduct their Electronic Medical Records, Customer Relationship Management, and Revenue Cycle Management underneath one extensive platform.

“We are vehement to launch a new vital partnership with Blueprint Equity,” pronounced Elie Levy, CEO and owner of Sunwave. “Both of a teams commend a essential purpose a Sunwave height plays in a attention and we are totally aligned in a prophesy for a destiny of a company. We demeanour brazen to operative with Blueprint, leveraging a bomb growth, and holding Sunwave to a subsequent turn of success.”

Sunwave Owner and Chief Financial Officer Jay Rosen added, “Our partnership with Blueprint is a vital miracle for a company. It serves as a covenant to Sunwave’s forlorn all-in-one height and a long-term value it delivers to a clients. The investment from Blueprint Equity will assistance Sunwave partisan even some-more top-notch talent and continue to be an attention personality in program and innovation.”

“Drug and ethanol abuse is a worldwide epidemic. The series of diagnosis comforts has stayed low over a final decade, nonetheless a series of patients has grown considerably,” pronounced Bobby Ocampo, Managing Partner of Blueprint Equity. “The many on-going diagnosis comforts are selecting Sunwave for a reason. They know a technologies that had served them in a past are no longer adequate. We are anxious to partner with Sunwave to broach best-in-class program to diagnosis centers worldwide and some-more importantly, urge studious outcomes.”

In new years, Sunwave’s all-in-one height has emerged as a elite choice for some of a largest and many creditable piece abuse diagnosis comforts in a United States, including Cumberland Heights, Royal Life Centers, and Just Believe Recovery Center. Seamlessly mixing piece abuse EMR, CRM, and RCM program underneath one one platform, a company’s singular resolution enables providers to be some-more efficient, nimble, and manageable to their patients’ needs, that helps urge both studious outcomes and a providers’ bottom line.

About Sunwave

Sunwave is a heading record provider for piece abuse diagnosis centers. Its one height includes piece abuse EMR, CRM, and RCM software. Built from a belligerent adult for a obsession diagnosis industry, it empowers diagnosis centers to conduct all of their operations in a single, one platform. With a absolute stating capabilities of Sunwave, users are means to make sensitive decisions that position their businesses and patients for success. To learn more, visit:

About Blueprint Equity

Blueprint Equity provides enlargement collateral to fast flourishing craving program and technology-enabled services businesses opposite North America. To learn some-more about Blueprint Equity, revisit

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