Supply Chain Software Developer Datex Announces New WMS Lot Naming…

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Clearwater FL (PRWEB) Feb 28, 2015

Supply sequence program developer Datex recently announced another new workflow formed underline of a endowment winning program Datex FootPrint WMS. A Microsoft formed system, a rarely stretchable Datex supply sequence program is powered by workflow rather than tough coding. Datex FootPrint WMS can be configured to accommodate business needs but carrying to make dear changes to complement coding.

Datex FootPrint WMS can now control what a lot or businessman lot fixing gathering will be around workflow. Originally grown for companies that enterprise to have a Lot formatted to SKU-Receive date, a new underline eliminates a need for patron use member to have to remember a format of a lots. Now Datex FootPrint WMS will automatically format a lot formed on a preset mandate built into a workflow. In further a new lot fixing gathering underline can also control anticipating an existent lot and businessman lot formed on specific conditions.

The new workflow formed lot fixing underline helps companies that have countless lot formats. This reduces errors and helps safeguard some-more fit operations to save time and labor.

About Datex

A Microsoft Gold Partner, Datex provides flexible, arguable supply sequence record solutions to make businesses some-more profitable. In successful operation given 1978, Datex has helped companies work some-more well and productively regulating state-of-the-art record including Microsoft formed supply sequence software, mobile inclination and services including EDI and mobile device government services. Datex supply sequence program can be used with RF or RFID solutions to yield finish genuine time register prominence and tracking. Datex FootPrint WMS relies on workflow to energy accurate, fit prolific business processes. Using a workflow formed room government complement enables companies to quick lane implementations, save dear veteran fees and profitable time. For some-more information on Datex supply sequence record solutions, greatfully revisit a Datex website. For some-more information, greatfully hit Laura Olson, Director of Sales and Marketing during 800.933.2839 ext. 243 or around email during lolson@datexcorp.com.


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