Surface Pro 6 teardown reveals a hybrid is stealing a terrible secret

The Surface Pro 6 has been expelled and that means it’s time for a unavoidable – a teardown of Microsoft’s new hybrid. Here’s how it fares underneath a hammer. 

Noted gadget-smashers iFixit have incited their mortal hands to a Surface Pro 6, and it’s not good news for a latest Microsoft 2-in-1, with a device scoring a measly 1/10 for repairability.

In particular, a site reveals that a “near sum disassembly” of a Surface Pro 6 is indispensable for correct work to be carried out on it, as pivotal components like a arrangement and a battery glued into a device. Storage isn’t removable either, which

This also means that customising it is close on impossible, so we can bin your DIY processor ascent plans, with iFixit eventually deeming a Surface Pro 6 “as un-upgradable and un-repairable as ever.”

The ban outcome is due, during slightest partly, to a bad opening of Microsoft hardware as a whole: a Surface Go also scooped a squalid 1/10 repairability score, while a strange Surface Laptop managed to go one improved and nick a 0/10 rating.

However, as grave reading as this is, it’s value observant that a series of other tip products transport only as badly when put to a teardown exam – including Apple’s opposition iPad tablets.


This is since 2-in-1 inclination (which a iPad Pro could also be classed as) aren’t unequivocally designed with formidable modifications in mind, though rather as a straight-out-the-box computing resolution to hoop many of your work-play needs with minimal hassle.

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Still, if we imagination yourself as a bit of tweaker, or frequently like to dump your inclination down mixed flights of stairs, it’s value meaningful about before we buy your subsequent hybrid.

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