Survey: How is your association regulating serverless computing services?

Serverless computing continues to win over enterprises. ZDNet’s sister site, Tech Pro Research, is conducting a consult to find out usually how invested companies are with serverless computing services.

If you’re informed with your company’s serverless computing services, greatfully share your thoughts about how, when, and because your association uses serverless computing. The consult contains 9 or fewer mixed choice questions and should take reduction than 5 minutes.

SEE: Serverless computing: A beam for IT leaders (Tech Pro Research)

You’ll be asked questions about what advantages your classification receives from regulating serverless computing, what problems have we gifted with serverless computing technology, and that cloud provider do we use for your serverless computing needs?

All respondents will have a possibility to enter their email during a finish of a consult and accept a giveaway duplicate of a ensuing investigate report, that is routinely usually accessible to Tech Pro Research subscribers.

Take a Tech Pro Research consult on serverless computing before Apr 8, 2019, and we can ask a giveaway duplicate of a ensuing investigate report.

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