SwissVoice ePure CH01 Review

Mobile phones are great. The perfect series of things we can do with them these days is utterly staggering. But, one thing they aren’t so good for is indeed regulating them to make calls. They’re tiny and skinny so can be formidable to keep a organisation hold on, and are subsequent to unfit to crowd inbetween conduct and shoulder. Then there’s a health risks of holding a phone subsequent to your head. The investigate might mostly be indicating towards there being small risk to humans yet there’s still an evidence for observant we should equivocate exposing ourselves to a microwaves that are your phone’s signal.

All of that has lead to a conditions we’re in currently where we can buy a resources of accessories that spin your sleek, slender, slot accessible mobile phone behind into a large, desk-bound device that’s indeed good for calling. And, only such an appendage is a SwissVoice CH01.

Design and Features
This stylish cosmetic phone made device plugs into your mobile’s headphone jack and takes over voice-in-and-out duties. It can also be used to control volume, skip/play/pause marks if you’re listening to song or answer/start a call.

Available as possibly only a handset (CH05) or with a cosmetic base/cradle (CH01), SwissVoice has positively got a initial partial of a phone appendage equation right – it’s stylish!

SwissVoice ePure CH01
It’s accessible in TR orange? Well afterwards it contingency be good!

Following a same pattern ethos as a company’s customary Dect phones, a handset is bony and hollow, with a operation of colour options – blue, green, orange, pinkish and white – accessible for a middle. The outcome is unequivocally charming, marrying a retro vibe with a formally complicated feel. It’s flattering compress too, with a whole public carrying a footprint small bigger than a handset itself.

Build peculiarity is flattering good too. The silken cosmetic looks and feels good while a several buttons and other facilities are all good seated and tough. For instance a attachments for a wire are clever nonetheless flexible, suggesting they’ll final a good while before fundamentally giving way. Meanwhile a buttons have a good, solid, distinct click so you’re certain when you’ve pulpy them.

SwissVoice ePure CH01 2

The bottom of a CH01 also ticks all a right boxes in terms of design. It’s easily finished with a relating style, has 4 grippy rubber feet to forestall slippage and it’s weighted to stop itself being pulled off a table when yanked by a phone’s cord. We found that if planted on a not-too-slippy table a phone wire could extend from a customary tardy 45cm or so to around 1.5m before starting to lift a bottom with it.

You can use a bottom as a totally reticent rest and block a handset true into your mobile, giving we a choice of walking around totally untethered, or we can block both phone and handset into a bottom so that a bottom acts as an anchor for both.

What a bottom doesn’t do, though, is correlate with a handset in anyway. Pick adult a handset when your phone’s toll and it doesn’t bond a call. Put it down and it doesn’t finish a call either. Both were facilities we missed having.

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