SXSW 2015: Five Winners and a Loser

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As SXSW 2015 draws to a close, and hoards of ad, media and tech people from around a universe form lines during a airfield check-in desks, it was another star studded year with lots of brands creation noise, though usually a name few removing a right attention.

Who were a categorical winners (and loser) from SXSW? AQ discussion that has developed to be a contingency attend for all tellurian brands and media agencies (and those who wish to bond with them).

1. Meerkat

It was always unfailing to be. The Twitter present video streaming app had already blown adult in a weeks heading adult to SXSW, so it came to no warn that it was a one that people were articulate about to make it a ‘it’ app of SXSW 2015.


Of march Twitter’s preference to publically devaluate Meerkat’s entrance to it’s amicable graph usually a week before SXSW began usually combined to a hype (Meerkat saw a 30pc expansion in users after a announcement). Ironic given a fact that Twitter famously done a possess name during SXSW in 2007.

2. Ex-Machina

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ExMachina, a film about a AI Robot who finds emotions, scored a best selling cut-through of a week. Its Tinder debate that had users right appropriate chatup a lady usually for it to come after that they had been articulate to ‘Ava’, a AI drudge from a film (which was opening during SXSW that weekend of march ;)

According to AdWeek, “Ava” asked questions such as “Have we ever been in love?” and “What creates we human” before eventually promulgation a couple to her Instagram page, that suggested a inlet of a stunt.

Creepy though nonetheless brilliant.

3. Cats

Just when we suspicion Cats memes were going away….Grumpy cat was behind nonetheless again, and stole a show. As a craft with a grouchy cat dwindle circled in a skies above Austin, and Grumpy cat posing for Instagram shots a plenty, it’s during slightest calming to know that in this each changing digital world, some things will never change ;)

4. VR edged closer to mainstream

As we would imagine, there was VR everywhere – film studios, automobile brands, VCs and Google all set adult interactive VR practice for members of a open to try out immersive VR experiences.

photo credit: Phil Whitehouse

And a porn attention didn’t wish to be left out either, with a row on a Saturday called ‘The Future of Porn is 3D Virtual Reality’

5. And there was one loser…..

There was a conspicuous participation of women on both a panels and keynote schedules, some-more so than any other discussion I’ve attended.

And assembly members seemed to get vocally behind this movement, as Eric Schmidt gifted when an assembly member criticized him for invariably interrupting co-panelist U.S. CTO Megan Smith. Everyone in a packaged auditorium felt Schmidt’s embarrassment, and it became one of a many talked about ‘moments’ of SXSW 2015.

photo credit: Guillaume Paumier

Your Turn: Were we during SXSW 2015? Were there any pivotal trends your noticed? Please share them in a comments below

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