SXSW 2015: This Slick, All-American Dream Makes Me Hate a Fact That we Live in a UK

An businessman who runs a record association meets me for coffee in a run of a JW Marriott hotel. He speaks intensely fast and quietly about what his product is going to do and a problem it will solve, covering flattering most any questions or concerns we competence have about how it will grow. Another owner taps me on a shoulder inside a trade show, pitches me his product, and bluntly asks me how we could work together. I’ve been feeling increasingly cloyed by a Technology companies entrance out of London, or a UK and Europe some-more generally. It’s my initial time here, and inside a SXSW trade show, I’m unequivocally tender by some of a startups exhibiting. The Technology partial of SXSW has grown year-on-year, with an estimated 250,000 approaching to arrive in Austin this year. The Entrepreneurs during SXSW, from a sharp founders to a travel drummers, magicians, and rappers hustling on 6th street, elicit a suggestion of entrepreneurship and a American dream. It’s unequivocally moving to be out here among this.

Another owner asks me if there is an homogeneous of SXSW in a UK. “Nothing, not even close” we reply. “The Websummit Tech discussion in Dublin is decent yet a peculiarity of companies is about 1/100th of what I’ve seen here.”

When we arrived, we was given 3 Argos catalogue-sized guides to any partial of a festival (Film, Music, and Interactive/Technology). The series of networking events, showcases, and parties was ridiculous, covering any aspect that could fathomable be discussed in these areas. Talking, behaving during or attending these events were a people who will figure a destiny of these industries. There were attendees from around a world, yet a substantial summary we review was: America is 100% a place to be if you’re in business, in a band, or producing a film. we visited San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles final year, yet SXSW was a initial time we unequivocally felt a event out here, especially by a aspiration of a people who were in Austin, Texas, all during a same time, pity ideas. Many didn’t come with badges, usually RSVP’ing their approach around events and engagement meetings with a people it would differently be geographically unfit to meet.

I have always been fascinated by a healthy storytelling inlet of a American people. Whether it’s recounting dim stories of their past or flourishing up, pity when they were during their lowest points, past failures or successes, they have an roughly elegant inlet about a approach they promulgate who they are.

Whether intentionally or not, a approach they support a narratives of their lives is spellbinding, enchanting and infrequently adds to that feeling that all that happens while you’re in America feels like you’re in a film. Americans bear their souls and have an romantic frankness we frequency see in British people. It’s a disadvantage that we think helps them build relations with any other (Silicon Valley companies are famous for assisting any other out with introductions, even among approach competitors). we unequivocally trust a fundamental confidence of Americans is a vital reason behind their informative and business successes. Europe positively has adequate intelligent and gifted people, yet from my 10 years+ of being around artistic people and 3 years in a startup world, we see many similarities and faults in a dual groups. People in a UK, from their core, don’t trust they can be a best during what they do. You see good potential, quite from immature people, and afterwards see it squandered by self-indulgence, laziness, or boozing too much. For whatever reason, a British mindset doesn’t have that clinical, take-on-the-world opinion we saw in contentment during SXSW this week.

I’m essay this on a craft home. I’m vehement to get operative on new ideas for my association (and presumably some side projects too). The fucked adult partial is it’ll take some bulletproof mental strength and bloody-mindedness to not feel this appetite trickle divided over a entrance weeks, surrounded by a attitudes of British people and British media. I’ve seen a same talkers not walkers in Tech City not going anywhere with their startups as we did boys in bands a few years ago (Previously we was concerned with musicians both socially and operative in a song industry). The work ethic compulsory to do extraordinary things is something we feel is a lot stronger in America, even if it has downsides such as usually being authorised dual weeks of holiday per year.

Also, a media and enlightenment frequency celebrates or encourages a successes a UK has. It reminds me of that shining Libertines lyric: “Even yet we’ve something to be unapproachable about, we come adult a tough approach and they’ll remind we any day, you’re nothing.” SXSW was a glance into a universe where anything is possible. we felt it quickly while we was doing (accelerator program) Techstars final summer, yet building an atmosphere – that empowers entrepreneurship and an “anything is possible” opinion that we felt during SXSW would be an impossibly absolute thing here in London. Anyone wish to assistance me brainstorm?

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