SymphonyAI Teams Up with Microsoft to Co-sell the New Enterprise AI…

SymphonyAI, a personality in AI platforms, solutions and datasets that renovate a business craving and expostulate income expansion and operational value has teamed adult with Microsoft to co-sell a new craving solutions for a retail, CPG, healthcare, industrial, and IT sectors. This agreement will concede SymphonyAI’s heading AI-centric craving solutions to be delivered on Microsoft Azure, permitting distant some-more business entrance to these transformative AI solutions that yield Actionable Intelligence by integrating and leveraging believe opposite mixed inner and outmost sources of information about customers, patients or assets.

“SymphonyAI was founded on a faith that today’s craving faces disruptive new hurdles and needs new drivers for expansion and operational excellence, drivers that can best be enabled with a new era of systems of Actionable Intelligence that cut opposite inner silos, precedence mixed outmost information sources integrated with inner information and yield value that is good over a capabilities of their normal systems of record,” pronounced Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, owner and CEO of SymphonyAI. “We’ve grown a industry-leading Eureka height formed on Microsoft Azure, grown heading AI resolution suites for retail, healthcare, oil gas, IT and other pivotal verticals and horizontals and fabricated a world-class organisation of AI-experienced business executives and technologists. Our agreement with Microsoft will be a matter for businesses in a crowd of industries.”

“Along with forward-thinking partners such as Symphony AI, Microsoft delivers attention solutions that assistance a business accelerate their businesses,” pronounced Sandy Gupta, Vice President, Cross-Industry during Microsoft Corp. “Our attribute with Symphony AI demonstrates Microsoft Azure is a ideal height for those who wish to develop, scale and monetize cloud and digital services on a tellurian level. Through this co-sell agreement, we span a energy of synthetic comprehension and information with a faster creation and larger lively of Azure to capacitate business to digitally renovate opposite mixed industries.”

About SymphonyAI

SymphonyAI is a organisation of companies that yield a heading AI-centric solutions for transforming a business craving by pushing income expansion and operational excellence, for a retail, CPG, medical and industrial verticals, and for finance, IT and other pivotal craving plane functions. Founded by Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, SymphonyAI is one of a fastest flourishing companies in a business-to-business AI solutions zone with income this year of $275 million and 1,500 employees.

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