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We are respected to partner with Mallory’s Army and assistance move recognition to a emanate of bullying, that has spin so prevalent in today’s society.

TechXtend Education Solutions has adopted Mallory’s Army as a 501c3 Charitable Foundation of choice for a rest of a 2017-2018 propagandize year and a whole 2018-2019 propagandize year.

TechXtend Education Solutions will work palm in palm with Mallory’s Army to teach on and exercise genuine solutions to residence and understanding with a base causes of harassment, danger and bullying including Character Development, Digital Citizenship, Social Emotional Learning and Restorative Justice. At a same time, we will broach solutions to children to anonymously news issues to administration as they see them occur.

TechXtend will present adult to 10% of a net increase from a above settled solutions to Mallory’s Army until a finish of a 2018-2019 propagandize year.

“We are respected to partner with Mallory’s Army and assistance move recognition to a emanate of bullying, that has spin so prevalent in today’s society,” settled Kevin Askew, TechXtend Vice President and General Manager. “TechXtend Education Solutions is entirely committed to providing a safer training sourroundings for all students, and apropos a infantryman of Mallory’s Army is only one of a ways we are fasten a quarrel opposite bullying.”

“We are unapproachable to announce a partnership with TechXtend Education Solutions. Days after Mallory passed, we vowed to work with people on a same idea as a own, the attribute with TechXtend is accurately that, a organisation of like-minded people with a same idea and purpose.  Mallory’s Army, with a partnership is about solutions for today’s schools, teachers and tyro body,” said Dianne Grossman, Executive Director, Mallory’s Army.

For information on how to adopt Mallory’s Army as your district’s Charitable Foundation for 2018-2019 or information on a solutions to assistance residence HIB issues greatfully hit a group during [email protected]


TechXtend is a heading IT solutions provider. Our preparation multiplication is focused on record that empowers, impacts and protects. Our core portfolio is built on a operation of impact technologies that make a disproportion in people’s lives. Our solutions residence and assistance solve issues in a areas of Safety Security, Social Emotional Learning, Character Development, Restorative Justice, Curriculum Development, Assistive Technology and STEM. TechXtend is a auxiliary of Wayside Technology Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: WSTG). For additional information, revisit, or call +1.800.599.4388, or +1.732.389.8950. In Canada, call +1.888.423.2700. Follow us on Twitter (@TechXtendEDU), Facebook and LinkedIn.


Mallory’s Army is a 501.c.3 giveaway substructure that is resolution driven to finish bullying.  We do this by lenient children to have consolation and be KIND in their bland actions, educating parents, and bringing improvement programs to schools and administrations.


Mallory Rose Grossman, 12, of Rockaway NJ was an zealous gymnast, cheerleader and partner of all things outdoors. Her impression during a immature age of 12 done her some-more inspirational than a normal adult. She was a compassionate, unselfish and KIND amatory aged soul. She enjoyed rival gymnastics and cheerleading, training her integrity and piety during a really immature age. She desired summer weekends during her favorite campground with her family where she would admire a elementary pleasures of nature. Her adore for her friends and family was over measure. She had a heart of bullion and when she found out that children with cancer couldn’t go to summer camp for giveaway her entrepreneurial wheels began to turn. She was a partner of humanities and would make valuables so she could lift income for her favorite charity, Camp Good Days. Her grin and hee-haw could light adult a room instantly. With so most life forward a unthinkable occurred. Sadly, on Jun 14th 2017, Mallory took her possess life since of horrific bullying. Mallory was a singular and trusting lady that taught us all a profitable doctrine about life in her brief time than many will confront in a lifetime.


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