Tefal SlimForce Review

What is a Tefal SlimForce with Sauce Attachment?

The Tefal SlimForce is a versatile hang blender with a engorgement of attachments. While dual of a attachments competence be now familiar, a third, a mayonnaise blender foot, gives it a new dimension. It’s designed to emulsify mayonnaise, tartars, remoulades and other salsas in seconds, though all a delayed drizzling and absolute whisking compulsory when done by hand. The mayonnaise connection even comes with a possess recipe book and a special beaker.

Also enclosed is a drive attachment, a customary blender feet and incomparable beaker for bland unchanging and whipping.

Tefal SlimForce

Tefal SlimForce with Sauce Attachment – Design and Features

The figure of a SlimForce doesn’t differ severely from a customary hang blender, though it’s noticeably ergonomic. Its hoop slopes behind slightly, wise snugly in a hand, and it’s lonesome in a pleasing soft-touch element as against to a tough cosmetic of most. The dual speed modes – Standard (14,500rpm) and Turbo (16,000rpm) – are simply tranquil by a ride on a tip of a unit. Further down, a attachments are elementary to bond and disconnect, pulling and rambling into place securely.

At 650g, it’s flattering estimable for a hang blender, though this gives it a satisfyingly strong feel and it’s fast during use. Well proportioned, it’s offset adequate to mount adult on possibly of a ‘feet’ when not unchanging and a attachments are likewise sturdy. The blender feet is done from immaculate steel and has a inexhaustible splashguard concealing 4 blades – dual middle to assistance pierce food, dual outdoor to brew – and a wobble-free, unchanging spin on a whisk, even when in Turbo mode. The Mayonnaise blender is essentially done from plastic, though conceals a span of compress blades that fast emulsify sauces, while an middle ring rotates to assistance aerate.

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Tefal SlimForce with Sauce Attachment – What’s it like to use?

Getting started with a SlimForce is flattering straightforward. While a recipe pamphlet is geared around salsas – including ideas for ketchup, garlic sauce, tzatziki and avocado drop – once you’ve gifted how easy it is to make them with a mayonnaise blender attachment, it’s expected to turn a categorical concentration of a appliance. It’s also equally good for soups, smoothies and whipping.

Tefal SlimForce

Basic mayonnaise can be done in reduction than 30 seconds by adding all a mixture – egg yolk, vinegar, oil and peppers – to a dedicated beaker, afterwards falling a mayonnaise blender feet to a bottom of a beaker. It usually takes a five- to ten-second blast with a SlimForce in Turbo mode to emulsify a sauce, afterwards a connection is solemnly carried out while it’s regulating – though splattering. If a salsa isn’t thick enough, a SlimForce can be used to give it a tiny additional blitzing to strech a right consistency.

Cleaning a mayo connection is fuss-free – a discerning rinse to rinse off salsa residue, followed by possibly dishwashing or palm washing. The instructions also advise a rinse regime while in use as an alternative, definition we can lift on creation salsas though dismantling it.

Smoothies take a tiny longer than regulating an honest blender and need some-more transformation to incorporate all a ingredients, though they come together adequately. In Turbo mode, you’ll have to reason on tight, not only to a blender though also a beaker, as a SlimForce has a absolute suction outcome if it creates hit with a bottom of a beaker.

After several mins of use, a physique of a SlimForce becomes warm, indicating that it’s improved for tiny unchanging jobs and discerning bursts, though it’s so absolute that it’s doubtful you’d need to use it for prolonged durations of time.

While many of a salsas suggested in a recipe pamphlet could feasibly be done regulating a customary hang blender, where a SlimForce differs is a dedicated connection and beaker that make a slight simpler, as good as a granted ideas and guidance.

Tefal SlimForce

Should we buy a Tefal SlimForce with Sauce Attachment?

When it comes to sauces, a SlimForce is roughly as good as carrying your possess French cook in a kitchen. While a mayonnaise blender connection seems tributary during first, it’s fit and easy to use adequate to attract a approach into your unchanging cooking routine. Regular entertainers will generally reap a advantages with a possibility to uncover off homemade mayonnaise recipes and sauces.


Its cost competence be allied with other mid-market hang blenders, though a functions go above and beyond. A intelligent first-buy blender, as good as an additional pretence adult a sleeve of penetrating cooks.

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