TelcoBridges Hardware Validation Program Takes a Guesswork out of…

New module helps FreeSBC and ProSBC module users make sensitive choices for their hardware platforms.

Each approved hardware height brings opposite ability and underline sets to residence a far-reaching operation of patron needs.

TelcoBridges, a heading engineer and manufacturer of carrier-grade practical event limit controllers and Tmedia VoIP gateways, currently announced a new hardware validation module designed to assistance FreeSBC and ProSBC module users make sensitive choices for their hardware platforms.

Since a initial launch, some-more than 10 million FreeSBC session-downloads have been procured by thousands of business in some-more than 100 countries, and marketplace acceptance for a recently expelled ProSBC ascent continues to boost exponentially. FreeSBC and ProSBC run on a accumulation of hardware platforms – and countless business have inquired about a best environments for using TelcoBridges’ software.

In response to these inquiries, TelcoBridges has worked extensively with 4 hardware providers – Ciena, Dell, Telco Systems and Qotom – to exam harmony and ensuing event doing opening of their hardware, certifying it for use with a ProSBC and FreeSBC software. As a result, a hardware acceptance module announced currently takes a guesswork out of selecting best hardware to run FreeSBC and ProSBC.

“FreeSBC and ProSBC are used by use providers of all sizes as good as craving customers, so any approved hardware height brings opposite ability and underline sets to a table,” pronounced TelcoBridges’ Chief Marketing Officer Alan Percy. “As a result, we’re means to impute business to a far-reaching operation of hardware options that can best fit their needs.”

Recommended use-cases for any approved hardware height include:

  • Ciena: Enterprise, SMB, Branch Office
  • Qotom: Enterprise, SMB, Branch Office, Education, Lab Testing
  • Telco Systems: Enterprise, SMB, Branch Office
  • Dell: Service Provider, Private Cloud, Enterprise

Detailed opening sum for any hardware height can be found at:


“In total, a approved hardware options run a progression of use cases from tiny craving to vast ‘peering’ carriers, in further to VNF applications,” adds Percy. “In all instances, FreeSBC and ProSBC’s tiny module footprint and high opening helps to maximize a potency of a hardware.”

“As use providers spin to uCPE to move Gigabit Ethernet and new virtualized services within their networks, Ciena’s 3906 Platform enables TelcoBridges’ business to countenance hardware before formation while also carrying a ability to compute use offerings and broach increasing value to end-users,” pronounced Brian Lavallée, Ciena’s Senior Director of Portfolio Marketing.

“FreeSBC and ProSBC work seamlessly on a NFVTIME VNF platform,” pronounced Telco Systems’ Product Line Manager Gabi Podolsky. “We’ve worked extensively with TelcoBridges’ engineers to entirely exam a hardware and software, facilitate a designation process, and request a ensuing opening in a demeanour that takes all of a guesswork out for customers.”

For some-more information on a program, greatfully visit: https://freesbc.telcobridges.com/validated-hardware/. Technical questions or inquiries for additional validations can be destined to: support@telcobridges.com.

About TelcoBridges FreeSBC and ProSBC:

TelcoBridges’ FreeSBC and ProSBC are practical event limit controllers, safeguarding networks from conflict while charity endless SIP interoperability and routing facilities with superb event doing performance. Both products embody a B2BUA, DoS DDoS insurance and modernized call routing features. FreeSBC can be used by end-users during no cost. ProSBC adds carrier-grade facilities including high-availability, encryption, and media strategy capabilities with support and upkeep all for a $1/session/year subscription. Both FreeSBC and ProSBC work on any multiple of VMware™, KVM/OpenStack™, Amazon/AWS™, Microsoft Azure™ and unclothed steel servers as good as a VNF on dedicated network devices. To date, some-more than 10 million sessions have been downloaded by hundreds of business in some-more than 100 countries around a globe.

About TelcoBridges:

TelcoBridges is a personality in a pattern and make of conduit grade, high performance, and high-density SBCs and VoIP gateways. Based in Montreal with offices in Buffalo (USA), Vancouver (CAN), Poland, Turkey and Hong Kong, TelcoBridges has deployed VoIP solutions in some-more than 100 countries worldwide. TelcoBridges’ brands include: FreeSBC™, ProSBC™, Tmedia™ (VoIP media gateways), Tsig™ (signaling gateways), Tdev™ (development platforms) and Tmonitor™ (real-time network monitoring equipment). For some-more information, revisit prosbc.com, http://freesbc.com, or http://www.telcobridges.com.

Contact Information:

Alan Percy

Chief Marketing Officer

Mobile: +1 716-830-5966


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