tend.ly Continues Innovation by Redefining Billing Platforms for the…

tend.ly continues to broach on a assertive product roadmap with a launch of a company’s new Dynamic Billing(TM) platform. The recover is a latest in a array of enhancements that is changing a approach a caring attention manages their business.

The new billing complement brings intelligence, security, and flexibility, including a ability to seamlessly confederate with many of a processes that caring centers and schools already use.

Of march it incorporates all of a facilities we would pattern of a billing height with remuneration reminders, remuneration management, and check scheduling. Keeping with a enlightenment of innovation, tend.ly valid again because they are attention leaders with a further of energetic pricing, tradition remuneration packages, personalized reporting, and a new remuneration optimization record for intelligent price and price collection.

“We trust that caring providers shouldn’t be nickle-and-dimed for each underline indispensable to run their business. We motionless to build a height that exceeds all expectations afterwards make it customary for all tend.ly customers.” pronounced Caitlin Coffman, tend.ly owner and CEO. “We are dedicated to creation it easier than ever for administrators to conduct their core or school.”

This new underline kicks off tend.ly’s accelerated growth highway map, with many customer-driven facilities and improvements approaching between now and a finish of a year.

“We already had a best-in-class primogenitor communication platform. For billing, we didn’t wish to only check a box like other platforms. We totally reimagined a end-to-end routine regulating a latest client-focused pattern methodologies and modularized architecture,” pronounced Matt Coffman, tend.ly COO. “We’re spooky with formulating services that commission caring providers while strengthening a tie and clarity between families and providers.”

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Through a personalized, all-in-one mobile app, tend.ly allows comparison and child caring providers to bond with desired ones and yield discernment into a caring journey. We work with caring centers opposite North America to assistance them save time by regulating a elementary program to promulgate suggestive moments to families, boost staff satisfaction, and emanate and keep constant customers. Learn some-more during tend.ly.

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