The 8th Annual Arkansas IT Symposium Is Anticipating Over 200+ Local…

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“The singular thing about this eventuality is it brings people from opposite Arkansas together so we can see my IT peers in one sourroundings and speak to them and know they are solution problems and how we can request them in my industry.” – Thomas Bunton, CIO, University of Arkansas Little Rock

On interest of a Arkansas IT Symposium’s Advisory Board, we’re vehement to announce sponsorship opportunities are now accessible for a 8th Annual Arkansas IT Symposium. The eventuality will be hold during a DoubleTree Hotel in Little Rock on Tuesday May 19, 2020. This is a one-day eventuality designed for 200+ IT Executives and their care teams.

With a success of a 2019 Arkansas IT Symposium, many partner sponsors are actively operative to close in their sponsorship mark for 2020, as a singular series of opportunities will be offered. Our partner sponsors have disdainful entrance and opportunities to bond with internal and informal IT leaders for a whole day.

Sponsor partners can also take advantage of a choice to hear high size keynote speakers and to attend any of a IT executive-led dermatitis sessions. In addition, unite partner tables during a Symposium are located strategically in a categorical ballroom where all keynotes, dishes and networking breaks take place.

To learn some-more about how we can advantage from being a unite partner, greatfully hit Matt Emick during EFM Events ( or

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