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School of Dragons by Jumpstart Games

JumpStart Games is respected that School of Dragons has been famous by Academics’ Choice as we are on a goal to raise online training with gamification to tighten training gaps…

Academics’ Choice currently congratulates all winners of a Spring 2018 Academics’ Choice Awards, a prestigious sign of educational quality, indifferent usually for a best mind-building media and toys. The open winners embody brain-boosting products from Samsung, Fingerprint Digital, Superpower Academy, Springbay Studio, Weigl Publishers, IDZ Digital Private Limited, Whistlefritz, Oceanhouse Media, Appropo Software, HeidiSongs, Art’s Ideas, Magformers, Mentoring Minds, Gryphon House, 3Doodler, E-Blox, JumpStart Games, and more! The full list of winners is posted online during

The Academics’ Choice Advisory Board consists of heading thinkers and graduates from Princeton, Harvard, George Washington University, and other creditable educational institutions. Product-appropriate proffer reviewers, total with a brainpower of a Board, establish a desired winners. Entries are judged by difficulty (i.e. mobile app, toy, book, website, magazine, etc.), theme area, and class level, and evaluated formed on standardised criteria secure in constructivist training theory.

“JumpStart Games is respected that School of Dragons has been famous by Academics’ Choice as we are on a goal to raise online training with gamification to tighten training gaps for encouraged tellurian students with enriching calm that engages students in and out of a classroom. Taking tip honors from this prestigious organisation of judges comprised of parents, educators, scientists and students is impossibly rewarding and let’s us know that we are creation preparation fun and permitted to all.” – David Lord, CEO of JumpStart Games

“We are respected that a Academics’ Choice row of educational thinkers has famous Superpower Academy’s subscription with a Brain Toy Award. Superpower Academy promotes a expansion mindset, GRIT and amicable and romantic growth by tip missions, superpowers, and artistic hands-on play. We are gay that a Academics’ Choice experts distinguished both a pleasure of a deliveries and a genuine scholarship we used to rise them.” – Pamela Joe, Founder and CEO of Superpower Academy

“We’re anxious that Academics’ Choice has famous Kidomi with a Smart Media Award,” pronounced Nancy MacIntyre, Co-Founder and CEO of Fingerprint. “Our goal with Kidomi was to give families entrance to a world’s best training calm – all in one place – and during a good value to parents. The relatives and educators who voted for a product certified that a goal was achieved and we can’t wait to deliver Kidomi to even some-more families on iOS inclination in a months to come.”

Many of a products that are evaluated by a Academics’ Choice Awards group are donated to a accumulation of estimable charities including a Kids In Need Foundation and a Toys for Tots Foundation.

About Academics’ Choice:

Academics’ Choice helps consumers find well-developed brain-boosting material. Academics’ Choice is a usually general awards module designed to move increasing approval to publishers, manufacturers, eccentric authors and developers that aim to kindle cognitive development. A proffer row of product-appropriate judges, including parents, educators, scientists, artists, doctors, nurses, librarians, students and children, weigh submissions formed on educational advantages such as higher-order meditative skills, impression building, artistic play, continuance and originality. Only a genuine “mind-builders” are famous with a desired Academics’ Choice Awards.


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