The iPhone 7’s Display Could Be Pressure Sensitive

Apple’s new pressure sensitive display technology ‘Force Touch’ could be featured on Apple’s next iPhone according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

The display technology allows a screen to detect the amount of pressure being applied allowing for different actions to be performed depending on how hard you push down on the screen.

iphone 6 screen

It was first unveiled on the Apple Watch, and now more recently on Apple’s new MacBook.

Combined with Apple’s new ‘Taptic’ motor, the technology is designed to create virtual ‘feedback’ when the user pushes on the screen.

new macbook

On the Apple Watch it allows you to perform secondary functions while on the MacBook ‘Force click’ essentially replaces the physical click instead recognising a harder press with a tiny localised vibrating motor.

The Wall Street Journal claims that sources close to the matter believe Apple could include the technology on the 2015 iPhone, rather than waiting for what has traditionally been a major update every two years.


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