The Meizu 15 Plus is a inexpensive Android flagship that isn’t an iPhone X clone

Meizu 15 Plus, Meizu 15 Lite and Meizu 15 Series Phones: What we unequivocally need to know

Chinese outfit Meizu has suggested 3 new handsets – and a Meizu 15 Plus, Meizu 15 Lite and Meizu 15 all exaggerate a torpedo pattern underline many Android users will be very, really vehement about. Here’s all we need to know, including a Meizu 15 Plus price, recover date, and specs.

Meizu’s new flagship 15 array is comprised of a contingent of smartphones, headlined by a 5.95-inch OLED Meizu 15 Plus. It sits atop a smaller, 5.46-inch Meizu 15, that also boasts an OLED screen.

Both absolutely trump a some-more affordable 5.46-inch Meizu 15 Lite, that trades OLED arrangement tech for an LCD screen, and looks some-more like a Moto G6 opposition as against to an iPhone X competitor.

And that’s not all.

The contingent miss a underline that has unfortunately come to conclude aspirational Android phones in 2018 – and we couldn’t be happier.

We’re articulate about a ‘notch’.

It’s a confidant pierce by Meizu, that has opted not to openly duplicate Apple’s latest reward phone pattern and instead follow in a footsteps of a glorious Galaxy S9.

It also, in all likelihood, will set it detached for stirring Android flagships like a LG G7 ThinQ and OnePlus 6, both of that are also approaching to competition a botch…sorry, notch.


Under a hood, things are equally intriguing. The Meizu 15 Plus will container a Samsung Exynos 8895 processor – that featured in final year’s Galaxy S8 – while a 15 gets a Snapdragon 660 and a 15 Lite facilities a Snapdragon 626.

None of these are going to difficulty newer, some-more reward SoCs like a Snapdragon 845, but that’s substantially excellent during a Meizu 15 array isn’t labelled to contest with inclination that container flashier internals. The 15 Lite and a 15 come with 4GB of RAM and 3000mAh battery cells, while a Plus looks some-more considerable with a 6GB/3500mAh combo.

Elsewhere, there’ll be a fingerprint-reading Home symbol during a bottom of a front of a shade opposite a range, while a inclination will boat with Meizu’s Flyme 7 Android overlay  and all keep a earthy 3.5mm headphone jack.

The twin higher-end OLED models – a 15 Plus and 15 – both get a twin 20-megapixel/12-megapixel behind camera setup, while all 3 competition 20-megapixel selfie cameras.

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The Meizu 15 Plus is labelled during 3000 yuan (~$475/£340) in China, where it will be primarily released, while a 15 correct will sell for 2500 yuan (~$400/£285) and a Lite will set we behind 1700 yuan (~$270/£195).

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