The Moto Z4 has a shining warn reward feature

If you’re creation smartphones, and you’re not Apple, Samsung or Huawei, we unequivocally need each advantage we can presumably get to mount out from an intensely swarming marketplace. That’s because it’s somewhat peculiar that Motorola’s Moto Z4 has a honestly useful underline that a association hasn’t done a large understanding of during all.

In fact, it took someone on Reddit to mark it. Hidden nearby a bottom of a page one a Moto Z4’s web page was a word “Stylus Compatible with Microsoft active coop protocol”. It doesn’t seem to be there any more, yet some some-more Reddit digging found that this means that Microsoft’s Surface Pen works with a Moto Z4 – vigour attraction and all.  

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“I have a phone and a few Surface Pens,” replied one user. “It works like you’d expect, vigour attraction and all. Nothing imagination with Bluetooth – a eraser symbol seems to work as a behind button. The whole setup is flattering good for doodling in Google Keep.”

Phones with stylus support are flattering singular outward of a Samsung Galaxy Note series. And while a Moto Z4’s support is a bit some-more singular than that, and doesn’t have a wharf to park it when it’s not in use, this is nonetheless a really useful underline for doodlers. Especially those who also occur to be deeply embedded in Microsoft’s Surface ecosystem.

Crucially, comparisons to a Galaxy Note aren’t accurately fair: a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 would set we behind £899 during launch, while a Moto Z4 is a distant some-more wallet-friendly $499 (around £395, yet there is no central UK recover date).

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To be clear, this isn’t a underline we should indispensably bank on with a Moto Z4, even if it ever does come to a UK. It’s revelation that a line has dead from a Motorola website: to me, that means that during best it’ll never be strictly upheld – or worse that Motorola has motionless it’s not value a trouble, and is something a association actively skeleton to mislay from a device in a destiny patch.

Nonetheless, it’s enlivening that a mid-range phone could container such a useful underline but pier on a pounds (sterling). Fingers crossed that some-more phone manufacturers fondle with adding a custom in future.

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