The Planet Group Announces Agreement to Acquire R121, an International…

The Planet Group (“Planet”), a heading provider of outsourced tellurian collateral and consulting solutions, announced currently that it has entered into an agreement to acquire R121, an general IT consulting firm. Mike Stomberg, CEO of Planet, pronounced that a merger is a poignant miracle in Planet’s vital beginning to variegate a portfolio of use offerings and expostulate continued growth.

Established in 2003, R121 is an internationally famous IT consulting services firm. In 2015, a government group implemented organizational changes that have enabled a association to grasp poignant growth. Over a years, R121 has solidified a repute as a flexible, reliable, and maestro business partner to some of a many famous companies via a United States.

R121 will continue to be led by Chris Holcroft, Founder and CEO. Chris is an attention maestro with a clever story of building successful businesses. Chris commented, “We are over excited. The event to partner with Planet and a superb care team, who value their business as many as we do, was too good to miss. Michael, myself, and a care teams commend that mixing a organizations will concede us to clear huge opportunities for a particular customers.”

Mike Stomberg added, “R121 is a energetic partner for Planet. Chris and his group move a extent of believe and abyss of believe that will both element and enhance a tellurian footprint. Both organizations are driven by a passion for care and a joining to building a universe category organization.”

MidOcean Partners, a premier center marketplace private equity firm, done a poignant investment in Planet in Jan 2018 to accelerate a company’s vital initiatives and expostulate continued growth. Planet will demeanour to continue to accelerate a expansion by destiny MA activity.

Transact Capital Partners, LLC acted as a disdainful confidant to R121.

About The Planet Group

The Planet Group is a diversified maestro services classification focused on providing high-value outsourced tellurian collateral solutions and niche consulting services to Fortune 500 and other heading clients in a fastest flourishing and many in-demand sectors. The Planet Group consists of 6 associated entities and has been purposefully built to residence a maestro services needs of heading companies in a life sciences, diversified appetite engineering, medical and digital selling industries. The Company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

About R121

R121 provides IT consulting services specializing in SAP, Big Data, and Cloud Technologies. Committed to creation and patron service, R121 has a singular validation routine that connects a right people to a right assignment. Servicing over 500 clients given inception, R121 essentially supports projects for; Life Science, Aerospace Defense, Media, Technology, and Retail sectors. For some-more information, greatfully revisit R121’s website (


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