The PowerRay is an underwater worker that’s a fisherman’s friend

Ever wanted to locate a glance underneath a sea? The PowerRay is an underwater worker that lets we do only that, and it competence assistance we locate your dinner, too.

Think of a worker and you’ll substantially consider of something like a DJI Mavic Pro, a GoPro Karma or Parrot Mambo. Namely, we consider of something that takes to a air. Well we chuck those misconceptions right out a window right now.

The PowerRay will let we take to a waters, diving into a low unknown. With a diving abyss of 30m and 4 hour diving time, that’s copiousness to get a perspective of a low blue though a need to fist yourself into a scuba suit. The PowerRay will work in salt, uninformed or even chlorinated H2O though a problem.

Battery life is distant aloft than your normal airborne worker for a series of reasons. Not carrying to take to a atmosphere and keep weight low is going to be one of them, though a other is that a PowerRay stays tethered to a land-based energy pack, that stores a battery. It also communicates with a PowerRay’s remote control, that differently would not be means to promulgate to a PowerRay by a water. The PowerRay has a 2m/s diving speed.

The PowerRay can constraint 4K footage and tide in 1080p to a remote arrangement or VR headset, so we can have a perspective of a low blue we differently wouldn’t get. It can also constraint 12-megapixel stills. Onboard is 32GB or 64GB of storage.

The PowerRay’s other defining underline is a skills as a fishing messenger by discretionary accessories. There’s a Fishfinder that works alongside to see real-time information on fish distribution, landscape, underwater heat and depth. You can even get fish alerts from a app so we can take a tactical nap. Then there’s a Precision Remote Bait Drop, that allows we to place a fish attract during a preferred position. Top that all off with a fish luring light on a front and we competence find yourself with a critical esteem catch.

The PowerRay costs between €1,599 to €2,099 and is accessible now.

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