These Two Images Are Actually Exactly The Same

We’re all recuperating from a teenager internet canon that was #thedress so to try and move things behind to a some-more distinct level, here’s some visible cunning that’ll provoke we during how easy it is to explain.

The images we see before we are clearly different, one has dim red lips and a other, bright. Yet these images are, to all extents and purposes, totally a same.

How? Photoshop is a answer. The images are a same, it’s a backgrounds that are different. The lips and nails are filled with unclouded red pixels.

lips trick

When a picture is placed on tip of a dim background, a pixels are pronounced, display a nails and lips to be a low dim red. Place a same picture on a white credentials and certain enough, a nails and lips are unrecognisably different.

Don’t trust us? Well only click on a picture and drag it around a screen.

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