Tiger Analytics Named a ‘Strong Performer’ in Customer Analytics…

Tiger Analytics, a heading AI and modernized consulting company, has been famous as a ‘Strong Performer’ by Forrester Research in ‘The Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Service Providers, Q2 2019’ report. It evaluated twelve tellurian Customer Analytics Service Providers opposite 33 criteria, separate into 3 categories: Current Offering, Strategy, and Market Presence. Download Report – http://bit.ly/2NcCthd

The news states, “At 7 years old, Tiger is one of a youngest companies in this evaluation, nonetheless it has already grown to over 300 employees and has a far-reaching operation of clients in financial services, retail, consumer finished products (CPG), manufacturing, logistics, and technology. Data scholarship is during a core of Tiger’s offering, and it has focused on building reusable record and methodical assets, that not usually accelerate time-to-value for clients though also concede Tiger to scale economically. Tiger takes a clever proceed to measuring value for a clients. Before a plan begins, it predicts a ROI formed on identical engagements afterwards measures a discernible ROI after and circles behind to weigh a correctness of a prediction.”

The news by Forrester adds, “Tiger’s patron references conclude a clarity and ability to palm off results. As one patron during a vast manufacturer remarked, ‘They are really honest with their methodology and do a good pursuit with revelation us how they got their formula and learn intensely well.’ Tiger also differentiates itself from many others in this analysis with a imagination in pricing analytics. To counterfeit Katy Perry, as Tiger continues to grow, you’re gonna hear them roar!”

Mahesh Kumar, CEO, Tiger Analytics, said, “The patron of currently has changed over looking during AI Data Science as cold technologies that can be tested in commander engagements. They are now perfectionist transparent and discernible business value from their investments and are constantly reckoning out on how to take analytic solutions enterprise-wide. These solutions are approaching to be precise, interpretable, scalable, and need to be grown during speed. At Tiger Analytics, while we continue to say a clever concentration on a core strength in information science, we are also significantly enhancing a capabilities by building industry-focused services and resolution accelerators. These offerings have resonated severely with a clients and enabled us to broach a high-degree of patron satisfaction.”

The Forrester Wave Customer Analytics Service Providers news evaluated name vendors who specialize in patron analytics, warranted $10 million from patron analytics engagements final year, yield patron analytics for clients in during slightest 3 verticals and had during slightest 10 clients who use patron analytics services.

About Tiger Analytics – Tiger Analytics specializes in building AI and information scholarship solutions that capacitate enterprises to beget business value from data. The association brings low imagination in selling science, patron analytics, operations analytics, and risk analytics, and is a devoted partner for several Fortune 500 companies.

Tiger Analytics is headquartered in a Silicon Valley with a tellurian smoothness core in Chennai, India. For more, revisit https://www.tigeranalytics.com and https://www.linkedin.com/company/tiger-analytics/

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