TomTom Bandit Camcorder Review

What is a TomTom Bandit?

The Bandit is TomTom’s initial incursion into a action-camera market. This competence seem like a bizarre depart for a sat-nav company, though Garmin expelled a possess take on a genre with a VIRB about 18 months ago. Both companies also concentration on GPS inclination for sporting activities, so an movement camera isn’t such a deviation. But TomTom’s chronicle is a bit some-more than usually a “me too” product.

Like a VIRB and a array of movement cameras before it, a Bandit employs a “bullet cam” format. The pattern follows TomTom’s sports watches, given it’s in a same range. The association has injected a array of novel comforts that make it mountain out from a competition, however. For starters, not usually is a Bandit waterproof – as many movement cameras are – though TomTom claims it can cope with inlet of adult to 50m, adapting to IPX8 standard.

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TomTom Bandit

The Bandit achieves this with an additional lens-cap accessory, that is an discretionary additional costing around £30. Without it, a device conforms usually to a IPX7 standard, that is 1m abyss of water.

Both ends of a Bandit unclip and stagger off a categorical body. The lens finish is usually a cap, though a other finish releases what TomTom is job a Batt-Stick. This is a standalone section with a built-in USB plug. It houses a battery and microSD slot, so when we block this into your USB port, we can assign a battery and send footage during a same time.

TomTom Bandit – Controls and Shooting Formats

The Bandit is comparatively pithy as distant as bullet cameras go, though this creates it feel reassuringly robust. An LCD shade sits on a top, though distinct a Garmin VIRB, it shows usually standing information, not an picture of what a lens is seeing. The symbol on a back turns on a device and toggles a record duty too. A novel underline is that dire a record symbol a second time outlines a highlight, with a apart symbol indeed branch off a recording; a device is incited off with an additional press.

TomTom Bandit

Other functions are accessed around a D-pad that operates likewise to TomTom’s sports watches, such as a Multi-Sport. The LCD menu is discerning and easy to navigate. It will be quite elementary to get to grips with if we already possess a TomTom sports watch.

The association hasn’t emitted a selection of a sensor used in a Bandit. However, there are adequate pixels accessible to yield adult to 16-megapixel stills and 4K video, nonetheless a latter is accessible during usually 15fps regulating a UltraHD 3,840 x 2,160 resolution.

The top fortitude that can be prisoner during 30fps is 2.7K. Full HD (1080p) and 720p can both be prisoner during 60fps, and 720p has a 120fps option, that provides well-spoken 4x slow-motion. A time-lapse choice is accessible as well, that captures a singular support each one to 60 seconds.

TomTom Bandit – Mounting Options

TomTom hasn’t been quite inexhaustible with a ascent options enclosed in a box for a Base Pack we were sent. There are glue mounts for prosaic and winding surfaces, and a chronicle sporting dual cosmetic hoops designed to be concordant with GoPro ascent accessories. The Bandit clips onto these with a complement that’s elementary to operate, though shouldn’t be that easy to unclip accidentally.

TomTom Bandit

You can also squeeze serve flat- and curved-surface glue mounts, and other GoPro-compatible mounts. Also accessible are a tripod adapter, wrist mount, stick mount, handle-bar mount, house mountain and 360-degree rotating mount. There’s a floating cover, a 50m-rated diving-lens cover and a splash-proof box for a Batt-Stick too. So many sporting activities are covered, and there’s a Premium Pack chronicle of a Bandit that includes a array of a above alongside a remote control for £80 extra.

TomTom Bandit – Manual Settings and Expansion

Since a Bandit is an movement camera, it doesn’t have many to offer in a approach of primer settings. There’s no zoom, no stage modes, and no filters for underwater shooting. This is fundamentally a point-and-shoot device. There is a built-in GPS, however, so a Bandit can record plcae information along with video and photos. This can be displayed with a video, nonetheless now usually around a iOS app.

You can also bond to an outmost microphone around a exclusive peripheral, and bond a Bandit with TomTom’s Bluetooth Smart heart-rate guard (this isn’t a progressing ANT+ version, however). There’s an outmost energy wire that’s partial of a reward bundle, though not a Base Pack we’re reviewing. However, hooking adult a TomTom bike cadence/speed sensor isn’t possible.

TomTom Bandit – Smartphone App

The app, accessible for iOS and Android, is a small some-more worldly than some smartphone control apps for movement cameras. Once you’ve connected to a Bandit’s Wi-Fi, a common comforts are available, such as a live preview of what a camera is seeing, a choice to trigger record, and denote of both battery life and storage time remaining. You can switch between recording modes, and adjust a settings within those modes.

TomTom BanditTomTom Bandit

It also offers some modifying functionality. In one underline we shake a phone to sequence brief snippets of your clips automatically. Or we can put your clips together manually. Either way, a formula can be common around email, Facebook, Vimeo and many other apps we competence have commissioned on your smartphone. Or we can usually save a edited film to your library.

TomTom Bandit – Image Quality

In terms of features, TomTom has a flattering extensive and discriminating offering. Image peculiarity is also a cut above a many “me too” movement cameras on a market. We did note there were some signs of CMOS rolling shiver on fast-moving action, that was quite conspicuous on 4K footage. It isn’t a bad instance of this phenomenon, though it is noticeable.

Sample footage

Ironically, Full HD footage uses reduction assertive compression, and so will be preferable many of a time interjection to a aloft support rate. There exists a common lens exaggeration seen with wide-angle movement cameras, though that’s partial of a genre. Overall, a visible opening is good for a camcorder in this class. Colour and fact are both allied with what a GoPro Hero3 array has to offer.

Battery life is quoted as 3 hours of continual shooting, and we saw no justification to rebut this claim, nonetheless enabling Wi-Fi for smartphone connectivity will drastically revoke a duration. This is a vital and compared to a GoPro Hero3+ Black. However, a video information rate is around 28Mbits/sec during 4K, and with consumer inclination starting to emerge with 4K during a full support rate and aloft information rates, a Bandit will mostly interest to enthusiasts rather than professionals.

Should we buy a TomTom Bandit?

TomTom competence be a bit late to a action-camera party, though a Bandit is a clever debut. It’s solidly constructed, has good thought-out functions, and shoots good footage. There’s no sold underline that will make it a transparent choice over a GoPro Hero4 Black. In particular, as a latter will fire 4K during 30fps, a Bandit is a small behind on video formats. But a GPS and heart-rate guard connectivity give it a corner for sports enthusiasts.

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The TomTom Bandit is a well-made and feature-rich movement camera, though it competence not be adequate to lure we divided from a latest GoPro.

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