TomTom GO 5000 Sat Nav Review

What is a TomTom GO 5000?

The TomTom GO 5000 is TomTom’s reward range-topping 5-inch sat-nav. While this is radically a small hermit of a 6-inch GO 6000, a recover coincides with a poignant refurbish to a software, that brings with it some critical new features. Most notably, a refurbish introduces My Routes, that is a waypoint-grouping and modifying system. This wasn’t formerly prejudiced of a new interface that was introduced with GO 500 in August. Like other sat-navs in this range, however, a GO 5000 includes giveaway trade updates.

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TomTom GO 5000

TomTom GO 5000: Features

Being a 1000-series rather than a 100-series TomTom GO, a 5000 comes with Live services built-in as good as a possess mobile information link. Like a other members of a new GO models, lifetime TomTom Traffic and a three-month hearing of reserve camera information are included, as good as lifetime updates for a maps. There are no subscription charges to compensate for a mobile information sustenance for a lifetime of a product, either.

We have commended TomTom Traffic (previously famous as HD Traffic) many times in a past, and it stays a favourite live trade service. It covers some-more roads with larger correctness than customary RDS-TMC traffic. The prompts for faster routes as trade builds adult are value trusting, and we have regretted ignoring them on a occasions we suspicion we knew better. Increasingly pivotal to TomTom Traffic is a track information bar on a right of a screen, that was creatively total only to uncover stirring incidents on a track ahead.

With a new TomTom range, a track bar acquired a useful countdown of vicinity to a speed camera as we proceed it. Now there’s even some-more information. The nearest speed camera on your track is indicated, so we are warned good in allege of when it is indeed nearby. The initial dual fuel stops on your track are also shown, so we can demeanour out for them, or take a road previously if using low on petrol. An choice to find circuitously parking as we proceed your end is also shown.

TomTom GO 5000

As we have explained per a prior releases from TomTom’s new range, this is a sum redesign of a menu and devices, that is presumably because facilities are still filtering through. The interface has been drastically de-cluttered, with a frame of menu icons replacing a mixed pages of prior TomToms. Although a further of new facilities have total to this strip, it’s still a step divided from a underline climb found in many sat-navs now.

All a opposite methods for anticipating a end have been total into one Search facility, a keyword-based complement that lets we hunt for a postcode, a travel address, or a indicate of seductiveness all during a same time. The latest program will try to figure out a prejudiced postcode, as well. The formula shade is separate into dual panes, with addresses on a left and points of seductiveness on a right. The hunt is opposite all a nation maps installed, nonetheless we did find this slowed a hunt down in some cases. New in this chronicle of a program is a ability to navigate to embodiment and longitude coordinates as well.

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