TomTom GO 5100 World Sat Nav Review

What is a TomTom GO 5100?

The GO 5100 is our
first glance of a latest amiable refurbish to the
TomTom GO redesign of about dual years ago, and replaces the
GO 5000. As a comparatively tiny change in indication name implies, this isn’t a outrageous pattern upheaval. But this indication introduces connectivity
with TomTom’s online MyDrive service, so we can devise routes on your
desktop, inscription or smartphone and send them to a sat-nav remotely.
There are also some changes to a Live services and maps included.

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TomTom GO 5100 – Design

The sat-nav itself isn’t
physically opposite from a 5000 it replaces. It’s solidly built with a
5-inch touchscreen and attractively dull corners. The mountain is
separate and uses a captivating complement to secure a device in place, so
you can fast and simply take it out of a automobile for protected storage, and
reconnect it in about a second. The energy adapter is a two-part affair,
with a retard for a cigarette lighter and detached USB cable, that can
be used for PC connectivity as well.

TomTom GO 5100

menu complement hasn’t altered many either, nonetheless this menu was a
complete redesign from a idol grids of a GO 1000 array and earlier.
The map has been placed some-more to a front in a redesign, and many of
the critical menu options became a singular idol frame opposite a centre.
It was a softly intolerable step for users of existent devices, though was
clearly combined by a group with good user knowledge pattern ideas,
because probably all is now 3 clicks or reduction away, with the
main options on a initial quarrel of icons.

One teenager tweak here is
that a Home and new Work favourites are now in a initial retard of
icons, so we can navigate to possibly with a singular finger press. You can
also shuffle a icons to fit your preference. But differently a menu
is a same as it has been for a final integrate of years. If we don’t
want to use your fingers to enter an address, there’s a decent voice
control complement available, nonetheless we can’t entrance each underline with

Whilst TomTom has focused a growth courtesy on MyDrive and Live
services, a bland maritime knowledge hasn’t been updated
noticeably with a GO 5100, nonetheless TomTom simplified a display
compared to a 1000-series and earlier. But it stays a comfortable
and streamlined experience, with copiousness of information about your track and
upcoming turnings, nonetheless not so many to be confusing.

ribbon of information along a bottom is no more, transposed by a strip
to a right. This contains estimated attainment time, stretch and time to
destination, and trade check information. The map itself is clear,
with full-screen graphics to assistance we during junctions, and 3D models of
landmarks in built-up areas, nonetheless we sojourn unconvinced about how
useful these unequivocally are.

As with all a inclination in TomTom’s operation of a final integrate of years,
the Live services come with a lifetime subscription. This being a
x000-series device, rather than x00-series, this also means a lifetime
of built-in information use too. Before a 5000 and 6000 arrived, a Live
services entailed a unchanging subscription fee, that is still around £50
a year.

TomTom GO 5100

former Live services used to enclose a few some-more services (e.g. weather)
than a stream version, that detached from MyDrive usually includes
traffic and speed cameras, with a latter an discretionary additional with the
5000 and 6000. For a 5100, however, a speed cameras also have a
lifetime subscription. The maps embody a lifetime subscription, as with
a prior generation, though now a 5100 comes with universe maps, which
isn’t each singular country, though positively covers a really vast proportion
of them.

TomTom GO 5100 – MyDrive Online App

MyDrive is a Web focus (essentially a website), so should work with many inclination able of regulating a complicated browser. Once we have logged in with a same ID that we use for a sat-nav’s Live services, we are presented with a map that is radically a same as a one used by TomTom’s live online trade use and track planner.

You can hunt a residence database and when we have found places we wish stored on your sat-nav, we can send them to it around a Live services connection. However, we can usually hunt for addresses, not Points of Interest (POIs), that puts a hunt abilities behind those of a sat-nav itself. You will need to hunt alone for some locations to find their addresses or postcodes, and use these to find your selected plcae in MyDrive.

TomTom GO 5100

When we send a end from MyDrive to your TomTom sat-nav, we accept a summary onscreen and this becomes your destination, as good as being entered during a tip of your Recent Destinations. You can also use MyDrive to set your Home and Work locations. There’s a track planner, so we can check a generation of a tour before promulgation a end to a sat-nav.

Although a TomTom sat-nav end entrance complement is flattering friendly, regulating a ubiquitous keyword search, it’s still not a many pleasing approach to enter lots of addresses if you’re formulation for a large multi-waypoint trip. MyDrive lets we use a some-more gentle device to enter your destinations. You could even give someone else your login sum and have them send we destinations. There’s no specific multi-user chronicle of MyDrive, nor skeleton for such that we know of, though it could be probable to send itineraries to a swift of drivers regulating their logins and MyDrive.

The other use for MyDrive is to upload tradition points of seductiveness files. This uses a .ov2 record format, that is TomTom’s exclusive POI system. The My Places territory of MyDrive gives we a choice to upload these online, that are afterwards combined to a My Places territory on a sat-nav after synchronisation. Since TomTom has been regulating .ov2 for a while now, and we could supplement them to inclination manually before MyDrive, there are collection accessible for formulating .ov2 files and converting other formats.

We found useful .ov2 repositories accessible for giveaway online, including National Trust sites, LPG fuel stations, genuine ale pubs and good places to squeeze a fry-up. Once uploaded, these seem as categories in a My Places favourites section. Selecting one finds a nearest options accessible in that category, as with built-in POI categories. The user-generated databases we attempted were flattering extensive in a areas we found ourselves in, creation this a honestly useful approach of customising your TomTom’s residence database.

Should we buy a TomTom GO 5100?

The TomTom GO 5100 is a really able sat-nav. It’s not a poignant step adult over a 5000, detached from a universe maps and lifetime reserve cameras. So users of a latter shouldn’t be too jealous, generally as a MyDrive harmony is accessible to existent 5000 users with a latest program update. However, users of progressing models or with nothing during all should severely cruise a GO 5100. It is pricey, though TomTom’s Live Traffic is a best in a business, and a lifetime supply of universe maps and reserve cameras positively pacify a deal. This is now a best 5-inch sat-nav on a market, even if we do compensate a premium.

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The TomTom GO 5100 takes over from a prototype as a tip reward 5-inch sat-nav option.

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