TomTom GO 60 Sat Nav Review

What is a TomTom GO 60?

The GO 60 is a tip member of TomTom’s latest mid-level range. It sits usually above a Start and Via ranges, that are still accessible (for now). The GO 60 has a 6-inch screen, and is physically unequivocally matching to a GO 6000 and GO 600. It also sports European maps with lifetime updates, as good as a lifetime subscription to TomTom’s rarely able Traffic service, which, like a GO 600, requires a mobile information tie from your smartphone.

TomTom clearly intends to use a Traffic trump label as many as possible, and it’s implausible that we can now get a lifetime of use even in a sub-£150 GO 40 model, as good as a GO 60 we have here and a GO 50 in between. This competence lead we to ask since we would buy a GO 600, when a GO 60 appears to have fundamentally a same comforts for £40 less. There are some transparent differences, though.

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TomTom GO 60

TomTom GO 60: Design

Primarily, these revolve around a ascent complement and a screen. The GO 60 doesn’t have a quick-release mountain of a reward models. Instead, a mountain is built into a device like a Start and Via models, that will indeed make it easier to lift from automobile to car. However, TomTom has still done it removable, with a territory that slides out, so it can also be commissioned a other proceed turn for when we wish to mountain a device adhering adult from a dashboard rather than unresolved down from a windscreen.

The GO 60 also has a recessed screen, rather than a glass-covered one of a 600. This is essentially since a hold complement is resistive, rather than capacitive, that requires a stretchable screen. This creates it reduction responsive. The fortitude is still 800 x 480, though, so a shade has a same turn of detail. Without a quick-release mount, a automobile energy adapter plugs true into a device regulating a Micro USB connection.

TomTom GO 60: Interface

Despite a earthy changes, a menu complement is matching to a other new GOs. So this has been extremely simplified and totally redesigned compared to all prior TomTom sat-navs. Where once we would find a page of icons heading to another page of icons, and afterwards maybe another underneath that, we now have a singular badge of icons opposite a centre of a screen. You also no longer hold a shade to exhibit this, instead regulating a round idol containing 4 dots located in a bottom left corner.

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TomTom GO 60

TomTom’s goal here is to make a focal indicate a map, rather than a menu, nonetheless users of prior TomToms will need to change their habits. Once we get to a menu, a arrangement is rather different, since TomTom has taken a essential proceed of unifying a hunt system, so we can use a singular content entrance to hunt opposite both addresses and points of seductiveness (POIs). The hunt is opposite all a commissioned nation maps, too, that unfortunately leads to a hunt routine being a bit slower than with some prior models.

Overall, though, end entrance is quicker than before, since we don’t need to walk laboriously by bound categories, and can go true to keywords that will pinpoint where we wish to go. The GO 60 even includes Speak Go voice control, that we can make active with a preset phrase. You can afterwards enter an residence verbally, nonetheless here we will need to contend a whole residence including a city, and this doesn’t hunt outward a stream country.

You can save destinations as favourites, and a GO 60 maintains a list
of all a new destinations. You can also supplement destinations to the
current route, shuffle them, and save a ensuing tour in a My
Routes territory for after recall. Once a end has been chosen,
the GO 60 calculates a track with a IQ Routes system, that uses
historic trade information to safeguard we skip unchanging trade black spots as
much as possible, selecting a many suitable track for a time of
day and day of week when we will be travelling.

In sequence to use
the LIVE services, we need to span your phone with a GO 40. When you
first click on a Traffic Speed Cameras menu option, you’re taken
by a pairing routine automatically, and we afterwards have to create
an comment or pointer into an existent one. After this, your phone will be
used as a hotspot to download live trade information.

TomTom GO 60

As we
have argued many times before, TomTom’s Traffic is a cut above what most
other manufacturers offer. Instead of usually relying on a TMC system,
it also incorporates positioning information from mobile phones and TomTom
LIVE-enabled devices. Garmin’s HD Digital Traffic has started to get
close with a matching system, though for now TomTom Traffic stays the
service we trust a many to mark jams as they rise and advise less
congested alternatives.

also get 3 months of TomTom’s Speed Cameras use for all the
European countries that support this, after that we will have to pay
£19.99 a year. However, as with a rest of TomTom’s many recent
devices, a operation of LIVE services is extremely fewer than it was.
There is no continue service, no Local Search, no tie to
TripAdvisor or Expedia, and no tie to Twitter, nonetheless we don’t
particularly skip a latter on a sat-nav.

The GO 60’s
navigational knowledge is no opposite to a GO 600 or 6000. The map
has been simplified from prior TomTom generations, with reduction of the
screen taken adult by tour information. Colour is also used many more
sparingly. The stream road, your stream speed and a extent are shown
on a bottom, with a subsequent branch and a vicinity minute during the

The right-hand side is home to a Route Bar, with distance
and estimated time of attainment during a top, and a readout of approaching
traffic incidents beneath. Advanced Lane Guidance throws adult a vast 3D
image of formidable motorway junctions, so we get in a scold line in
time. Overall, it’s a good designed map perspective that concentrates on the
essentials rather than jamming a shade with features.

TomTom GO 60

Should we buy a TomTom GO 60?

TomTom GO 60 is a lot of sat-nav for a money, deliberation that it
includes both lifetime TomTom Traffic and lifetime updates for maps of
45 European countries. With an roughly matching maritime experience
to a higher-end GOs, you’re usually unequivocally losing a preference of the
quick-release mountain and a capacitive hold shade compared to a 600,
and a built-in mobile information of a 6000. If we will usually be regulating the
live trade comforts occasionally, a GO 60 creates a lot of sense,
although GO 50 and 40 will save we even some-more if you’re peaceful to
forego a outrageous 6-inch screen.


The TomTom GO 60
provides some severely reward comforts for a mid-range price, although
a 4.3-inch or 5-inch versions will be even some-more cost effective.

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