TomTom Multi-Sport Sat Nav Review

What is a TomTom Multi-Sport?

The TomTom Multi-Sport is TomTom’s latest watch directed during tracking your practice activities, yet with a broader subtract than a TomTom Runner we looked during a integrate of months ago. If we like to brew adult your sporting activities, and imagination yourself as a third Brownlee, we could finish adult with mixed opposite devices, one for any activity. This is where a Multi-Sport is dictated to answer your prayers, adding a ability to lane your biking and swimming as good as running.

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TomTom Multi-Sport

TomTom Multi-Sport: Design and Features

The pattern is extremely opposite to the
Nike partnership of dual years ago. The simple Multi-Sport comes in
grey or dim pink, yet we can also squeeze a grey book bundled
with a heart-rate guard for an additional £50. You can buy a Multi-Sport
with a intonation sensor for your bike for £279.99, too, and this is
available alone as an discretionary additional for £59.99.

All of these accessories bond around Bluetooth SMART rather than ANT wireless technology, though, so we won’t be means to use any accessories that are formed on a latter, that will be irritating if we already have any of these. The tag is removable, and a bluish choice as good as a dim pinkish one can be performed for £19.99. Whichever chronicle we purchase, there’s a bike mountain enclosed in a box, so we don’t need to deliberate your wrist to see your stats when cycling.
TomTom Multi-Sport
TomTom has attempted to make anticipating your approach around a menu magnificently easy around a One-Button Control system, that acts like a D-pad. You don’t need to remember that symbol does what, as we simply corkscrew left-right or up-down within a menus around this button. The usually other control is a touch-sensitive corner on a right of a screen, that turns on a backlight. It’s a really discerning and easy complement to get a hang of, stability a glorious user-focused pattern plan TomTom has taken with a TomTom Go 6000 and a others .

So a Multi-Sport is directed during tracking your abilities in 3 exercises, and even 4 if we cruise indoor treadmill use a apart activity. The regulating facilities are radically matching to a Runner. Indoors, a Multi-Sport acts as a pedometer. After a workout, we can regulate opposite a stretch your treadmill reckons we covered. You can lane how distant we went, how prolonged it took, calories burned, your gait and heart rate if we were regulating a monitor.
TomTom Multi-Sport
Outdoors, a Multi-Sport supports QuickGPSFix. We found it took underneath a notation to obtain a GPS lock, and infrequently only a few seconds. You can afterwards start tracking your run with a few presses of a D-pad. Outdoor regulating adds plcae and betterment recording to a brew compared to treadmill usage. For serve sum about how a Multi-Sport performs in this area, see a progressing examination of a TomTom Runner.

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