Top 50 Educational Products That Develop Critical Thinking is truly respected to be comparison for a 2019 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award.

Academics’ Choice currently congratulates all winners of a Summer 2019 Academics’ Choice Awards, a prestigious sign of educational quality, indifferent usually for a best mind-building media and toys. The summer winners embody brain-boosting products from Crayola, Learning Resources, Think Tank Scholar, Linguacious, Samsung, The Learning Journey International, Noodle, Junior Learning, PlayShifu, Dr. Panda, LiteracyPlanet, Learning Without Tears, Lipa Learning, Educational Insights, Center for Cyber Safety and Education, Educational Blueprints, White Wave Press, NAEYC, Mentoring Minds, we Know It, Highlights Learning,, MobyMax, and more! The full list of winners is posted online during

The Academics’ Choice Advisory Board consists of heading thinkers and graduates from Princeton, Harvard, George Washington University, and other creditable educational institutions. Product-appropriate proffer reviewers, total with a brainpower of a Board, establish a desired winners. Entries are judged by difficulty (i.e. mobile app, toy, book, website, magazine, etc.), theme area, and class level, and evaluated formed on standardised criteria secure in constructivist training theory.

“ is truly respected to be comparison for a 2019 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award,” pronounced Adrian Ridner, CEO Co-founder of “We work tough to yield resources that can support learners of all levels and with singular training styles and preferences. Receiving this approval helps us know we’ve combined profitable resources and motivates us to continue to yield a best preparation collection for students of all class levels, teachers, relatives and anyone looking for a stretchable and enchanting approach to learn.”

“MobyMax is respected to accept a prestigious Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award for a extensive and interactive training platform. We’re appreciative to be famous for formulating what a judges called some of a ‘best thinking-based products’ in a industry. We share a judges’ viewpoint that a high indicate for students is to have choices in their preparation that concede them to swell on their own, a truth that has been during a core of each MobyMax product we’ve developed. We’re also anxious that MobyMax’s success in assembly a needs of both means and calming students has been deemed ‘an superb technological achievement.’ We know that receiving this approval from Academics’ Choice will assistance propel a goal to assistance students learn twice as fast.” – Glynn Willett, Co-Founder, MobyMax

“What an respect to have The Historical Heroines Coloring Book: Pioneering Women in Science famous by Academics’ Choice Awards! It not usually encourages me to continue formulating lenient books that applaud women’s achievements, though some-more importantly it honors those really women scientists by acknowledging their immeasurable accomplishments and contributions to a world.” – Elizabeth Lorayne, Author and Publisher during White Wave Press

Many of a products that are evaluated by a Academics’ Choice Awards group are donated to a accumulation of estimable charities including a Kids In Need Foundation and a Toys for Tots Foundation.

About Academics’ Choice:

Academics’ Choice helps consumers find well-developed brain-boosting material. Academics’ Choice is a usually general awards module designed to move increasing approval to publishers, manufacturers, eccentric authors and developers that aim to kindle cognitive development. A proffer row of product-appropriate judges, including parents, educators, scientists, artists, doctors, nurses, librarians, students and children, weigh submissions formed on educational advantages such as higher-order meditative skills, impression building, artistic play, continuance and originality. Only a genuine “mind-builders” are famous with a desired Academics’ Choice Awards.


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