TP-Link Archer D7 Review

What is a TP-Link Archer D7?

The curiously named Archer D7 is new flagship 802.11ac router from TP-Link. Interestingly a D7 also includes an integrated modem, a singular thing in third celebration wireless ac routers these days. But not all is as it seems.  

TP-Link Archer D7 – Design Features

Out of a box a D7 is utterly a looker (for a router). It adopts a triple outmost receiver pattern to uncover it means business like new flagship models from Linksys, Netgear and Asus and during 229 x 160 x 37mm it maintains a slim, vital room-friendly appearance.

Build peculiarity is also clever with stout construction and a beautiful splinter cut by a center adds interest. On a downside TP-Link has finished a D7 in piano black that creates it a dirt and fingerprint magnet and there are no points for wall mounting.


TP-Link Archer D7 3

TP-Link Archer D7 – FeaturesOf march looks are never where a genuine seductiveness lies in reward routers and TP-Link has finished a lot to spin heads with a D7.

Front and centre is 802.11ac WiFi rated during 1300Mbit and 450Mbit 802.11n. This total 1750Mbit rating isn’t utterly adult there with a ‘AC1900′ products like a Linksys EA6900, Netgear Nighthawk and Asus RT-AC68U, yet on paper it should be some-more than quick adequate for many users.

Where a D7 turns heads for a wrong reason yet is a DSL modem. Outside of ISPs, few third celebration wireless ac routers confederate modems (the AVM Fritz!Box 7490 being a categorical one) so there’s a large event here, yet TP-Link has rather forsaken a ball. While AVM propitious a 7490 with a VDSL twine prepared modem, TP-Link has opted for an ADSL2 modem that is singular to speeds of only 24Mbps. This is slower than a infancy of twine connectors in a UK so many will wish to invalidate this underline (something TP-Link allows in a settings). An event missed.

Elsewhere a D7 ticks a lot of boxes. There is Gigabit WAN and 4 Gigabit LAN ports, a span of USB 2.0 ports (though no USB 3.0), WPS and a dedicated WiFi on/off button. WEP, WPA/WPA2 confidence and IPv6 support are also included, as expected. That pronounced DLNA harmony – scarcely entire these days – is absent.

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TP-Link Archer D7 UI2

TP-Link Archer D7 – Setup

Setting adult a D7 is like stepping behind into a past.

Unlike an augmenting series of router makers, a D7 doesn’t automatically open a browser add-on on initial tie and start a setup wizard. Instead we form into your browser, login with a default admin/admin username and cue (which we should change) and a sorceress will afterwards start.

The UI is also organic rather than make-up any visible punch. It is a content complicated blueprint though any graphical encouragement – something that might interest to enthusiasts yet will positively dominate technophobes. It needs an update.

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