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The libraries that support these communities will get good value out of these new resources to assistance a Somali village learn English.

Nashua, NH (PRWEB) Mar 24, 2015

Transparent Language Inc., a heading provider of language-learning technology, announced a further of dual new ESL pairings to a government, library, and preparation versions of a online denunciation programs. With a further of English for Somali speakers and English for Haitian Creole speakers, a refurbish allows US Government organizations, libraries, and educational institutions to yield over 95 languages pairs to their employees, customers, students, and faculty.

The further of these dual new denunciation pairs stemmed from continued feedback from Transparent Language’s open library business who voiced a demand, due to a flourishing race of Somali and Haitian Creole speakers relocating to their communities in new years.

“Minnesota has a vast series of Somali immigrants and open libraries have been looking for improved solutions to offer them in appropriation a denunciation skills they need,” explained Maureen Gormley, Library Manager during a Dakota County Library. “The libraries that support these communities will get good value out of these new resources to assistance a Somali village learn English.”

The Transparent Language training systems in that these languages are presented cover all 4 denunciation skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), as good as yield in-depth abbreviation and informative materials. These programs embody some of a best enlightening activities and materials accessible to learn a new denunciation quickly, including:

  • Pronunciation practice: Transparent Language’s EveryVoice™ modernized debate record analyzes a learner’s diction and compares it to that of a local speaker, permitting users to urge their diction and rivet their voice while training and building their long-term memory.
  • Typing activities: Transparent Language programs let learners form in a denunciation they’re learning, a pivotal partial of a training experience.
  • Courses and supplemental vocabulary: With strong courses and over 100 supplemental wording lessons containing over 2,000 difference and phrases in any language, Transparent Language programs assistance build a vast and useful wording set.
  • Learned items: Transparent Language programs embody a denunciation modernise complement designed to assistance keep difference uninformed in a learner’s memory. The systems keep lane of what a user has schooled and use a special algorithm to benefaction learners with wording equipment that they have not seen recently. If a word or word is recalled, it is tucked divided for a destiny check. If a object is not immediately recalled, a module refreshes a learner’s memory of it and shows it again soon.

Specially-configured versions of Transparent Language programs, including these new languages, are accessible for US Government organizations, educational institutions, corporations, and open libraries.

Last year, Transparent Language’s supervision software, a CL-150 Technology Matrix for Critical Languages, was done accessible during no assign to all US Military and Government crew and programs around a Department of Defense web portal, Joint Language University (JLU).

About Transparent Language, Inc.

At Transparent Language, we precedence a imagination in record and in a investigate and use of denunciation training and training to build singular capabilities for use by US Government agencies and organizations, as good as hundreds of open libraries, thousands of schools, and millions of individuals. We caring about all languages, regardless of blurb value. We trust that denunciation record needs to work for all courses and curricula, not usually a few courses. It needs to advantage not usually individuals, though whole programs. We trust that good denunciation record not usually changes a user experience; it transforms a economics, logistics, and trustworthiness of denunciation learning.

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