Turtle Beach Ear Force Z60 Review

What is a Turtle Beach Ear Force Z60?

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Z60 is a PC and Mac gaming headset that promises supposed “game changing” approximate sound. Its DTS Headphone:X Surround Sound record might be a initial for a gaming headset, though it’s not utterly a “game changer” it claims to be, sounding many like other practical approximate technologies accessible on other headsets.
However, during £99.99, a Ear Force Z60 positively hits a honeyed mark between cost and features. It has all many gamers would wish from a headset, such as modernized discuss features, audio presets for games, cinema and music, and harmony with a far-reaching operation of devices.
The Ear Force Z60 works with anything that has a customary 3.5mm headset connection, such as mobile phones, tablets and unstable diversion consoles. If you’re regulating a PC or Mac, afterwards a USB amplifier connects to your mechanism and provides approximate sound processing. The headset doesn’t strictly work with games consoles, though it will bond to a PS4’s DualShock 4 controller, and will also work with a Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter, sole separately.
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The Ear Force Z60 sound good, with quite low bass. Action games such as Call of Duty are included with a drum and intensity that they deserve, while 7.1 channel DTS Headphone:X Surround Sound provides a larger clarity of soak for movies. Voice communication is quite good, partly interjection to energetic discuss boost that automatically prioritises voices over in-game sounds, and a fact that we can hear yourself in a headset, so we don’t have to shout.
There are comparatively few weaknesses on a Z60. It looks like a lot of other gaming headsets, that is to contend it’s big, plasticky and comparatively ugly. The microphone is a apart component, so it totally removes from headset a itself, though is also a small easy to lose. And a audio is a small too clever on drum and too diseased on three-way when compared to other headsets during this price. However, for a price, you’ll onslaught to find a improved PC gaming headset.
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Turtle Beach Ear Force Z60 – Design

If you’ve watched a pro gaming contest recently, chances are a headsets adorning those immature gamers’ heads are from Turtle Beach. The New York-based association has thrown a immeasurable volume of income during a eSports scene, a many renouned games and a pro gamers who play them.
However, a headsets atop those players’ heads mostly cost upwards of £200. What if we wish Turtle Beach’s gaming audio imagination during a some-more wallet-friendly price? Enter a Ear Force Z60, a connected gaming headset that costs usually underneath £100. It’s dictated for PC gamers, though it will also work with Apple Macs and mobile devices, as good as PS4 and Xbox One (although a latter consoles aren’t strictly supported).
The headset itself is accurately what we would design if someone mentioned a difference “gaming headset”. It’s black, done mostly of plastic, and has a vast “Z60” trademark on any of a earcups. Thankfully, it’s not too garish, though by a same token, it’s not stylish either. Like many of a PCs a designed to go with, a extraneous of a product isn’t meant to impress–it’s what’s inside that counts.
The finish on a headphones is functional, rather than luxurious. Material stuffing around a ears and wipe meant that it’s gentle to wear for prolonged periods, though it lacks a soothing leather finish mostly found on some-more costly headsets. The Z60s are bigger than many unstable headphones, so bear that in mind if you’re intending to use them on-the-go. Also, during 285g, a headset is comparatively heavy.
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The headphones feel imperishable adequate to be thrown into a backpack, that is good as a package doesn’t embody a carrying case. The headset ear cups spin around and lay flat, that is another reward if you’re going to be carrying them around. One note for those who like to customise their Turtle Beach headsets: we can’t change a earcup designs as we can with many of a company’s other headsets.
The microphone is intensely long; roughly double a length of many identical microphones. It’s a totally apart partial of a headset–it can be isolated totally when we don’t wish to use it, nonetheless that also means it can be simply mislaid if you’re not careful. We’d have elite a microphone to elegantly redress into a headset, like it does on a similarly-priced SteelSeries Siberia V3.
The final partial of a Ear Force Z60 package is a USB sound card, that is used when joining to a PC or Mac. This small dongle processes a DTS Headphone:X Surround Sound, though it’s also used to control a headset itself. There are knobs to tweak audio and microphone volume, and buttons to spin a mic on and off and switch between gaming, film and song presets. If you’re joining to any other form of device, we usually block true into a headphone socket.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force Z60 – Audio Quality

The Ear Force Z60 offers good if unspectacular audio quality; accurately in line with what you’d design during this cost level. The vast 60mm drivers in any earcup broach a deep, bassy sound, that is quite good if we play a lot of movement games. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is filled with a arrange of egotistic set pieces that make this headset sound best, while beat-heavy song sounds equally good.
On a flipside, a headset isn’t that good when it comes to treble; sum were noticeably lacking when it came to voices and lighter low-pitched instruments. Some of this can be mitigated by selecting a scold mode on a USB adaptor; Cinema Mode keeps discourse a small be cleaner, for example. Likewise, song mode unequivocally turns adult a bass, display off those considerable 60mm drivers.
Turtle Beach has done a lot of sound about a DTS Headphone:X technology, that is a initial for a gaming headset. If you’re on a PC or Mac, a Ear Force Z60 will take adult to 7.1 channel audio and emanate a pseudo-surround brew for a headset. This does make it easier to locate a accurate angle of a grenade dump in Battlefield, for example, though DTS Headphone:X isn’t noticeably improved than competing approximate sound technologies.
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The voice discuss facilities are many some-more impressive. The headset mixes your voice into what we hear, definition we don’t finish adult cheering when you’re articulate to people online. Turtle Beach’s Dynamic Chat Boost monitors incoming voices and keeps them heard even if there’s a lot of movement function in a game.
The Z60 isn’t strictly concordant with a PlayStation 4 or a Xbox One, though we found it worked excellent with both consoles. On a PS4, it plugs into a DualShock 4 controller, and on Xbox One it also connects to a controller, though you’ll need Microsoft’s apart adaptor. The headset didn’t go as shrill as we wanted in a tests with these consoles; since on computers, tablets or mobiles, it went deafeningly loud, on PS4, it didn’t go shrill enough.

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Should we buy a Turtle Beach Ear Force Z60?

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Z60 could be deliberate a new de facto customary for PC gaming headsets. It comes with all of a facilities that many gamers need, while sounding good in a games that many gamers play, all during a unequivocally rival price.
The Z60 is quite considerable when it comes to delivering bass, endowing movement games and dance song with a participation they deserve. Things are reduction good during a high-end, though with some tweaking on a in-line controls, cinema still sound good. The discuss options quite impress–Dynamic Chat Boost and Microphone Monitor unequivocally urge a online gaming experience. DTS Headphone:X record is good, though it’s not significantly improved than what you’ll find on competing headsets.
The Ear Force Z60 might usually strictly support PC, Mac and mobile gaming devices, though we found it worked with flattering many all else, including a latest diversion consoles. That flexibility means they’re a good choice if we have a lot of gaming devices, nonetheless they’re a bit too still on a PS4 and Xbox One.


The Turtle Beach Ear Force Z60 offers good facilities and good audio peculiarity during underneath £100, creation it a good choice for anyone looking to ascent their gaming audio knowledge on a budget.

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