Turtle Beach Elite 800 Review

What is a Turtle Beach Elite 800?

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 is a high-end wireless headset that’s dictated for use both during home and on a move. It works with wireless inclination regulating Bluetooth 4.0, with twin pairing permitting we to bond dual inclination during a same time. When you’re during home, a sum charging wharf and conductor connects to your PS3, PS4, PC or Mac and sends a audio to a headset.
The Turtle Beach Elite 800 comes packaged with a arrange of high-end facilities you’d pattern from a £250 unstable headset. Active sound termination is a unequivocally inestimable underline if we transport a lot or use your headphones in loud areas. There’s also DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound, programmable audio presets for specific games, and intelligent Dynamic Chat Boost so we can hear people over a sound of a game.
While a Elite 800 isn’t as stylish as wireless headsets from Bose and Parrot, it’s a large alleviation on prior attempts from a association and gaming headsets in general. It’s clearly been been desirous by Beats Studio Wireless headphones, pity unequivocally identical headband, ear crater and cushioning design, nonetheless they sadly don’t overlay adult in a same way.
There are a few issues with a headset yet they are comparatively minor. Battery life is adequate yet comparatively brief during around 10 hours, when competing products like a Mad Catz F.R.E.Q. 9 double that length. There are a lot of buttons on a ear cups and they’re easy to press by mistake. And a miss of any support for Xbox consoles yet shopping apart adaptors is a contrition when you’re already carrying to spend £250.

Turtle Beach Elite 800: Intro and Design

It’s satisfactory to contend Turtle Beach has had a lot of success in gaming headsets over a final 10 years. As online gaming has grown in popularity, dedicated headsets have left from being a oppulance to a necessity, and Turtle Beach has reaped a rewards. Through partnering with pro gamers, releasing a far-reaching operation of products covering flattering many any cost point, and usually creation good products, it’s spin substantially a many famous name in this sold market.
The association has combined high-end gaming headphones before, including a many new “Seven” line. It’s also finished high-end wireless unstable headphones for some-more ubiquitous lifestyle use, like a i30. The Elite 800 aims to mix both these functions into one headset–one that can be used for gaming during home and afterwards taken out of a doorway for listening to song on-the-go.
This means that a headset sports Bluetooth wireless connectivity for joining to unstable inclination such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones, while a bundled wireless conductor works with many inclination that have an visual audio output, such as a PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4.
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The Elite 800 flattering many has it all when it comes to connectivity. Dual Bluetooth 4.0 pairing means that it will work with dual inclination simultaneously, so we can be listening to song from your inscription and take a call from your mobile. If your unstable device doesn’t have Bluetooth connection, such as a 3DS, afterwards we can bond regulating a 3.5mm cable, that is enclosed in a box.
The wireless transmitter/dock connects to inclination during home including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC and Mac regulating an visual audio tie and micro-USB. Setup varies rather from appurtenance to machine, yet a package includes all a required cables, and a instructions are sincerely straightforward. One quite good reason is that a conductor also facilities visual audio throughput, so we can still send a approximate sound vigilance to your AV receiver or TV.
There’s a large repudiation that we competence have beheld from a home console harmony list: Xbox consoles. You can bond a headset to a Xbox One, yet we have to buy a apart adaptor from Microsoft, that costs around £20 in a UK. It’s a honestly absurd situation, a censure of that lies totally during Microsoft’s door. However, while we’re some-more peaceful to give sub-£100 headsets a pass for not including such an adaptor, we’re reduction forgiving of a Elite 800. At £250, it seems flattering reasonable to pattern a headset to work with a second best-selling console of a moment.
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This wireless conductor is novel, as it also acts as a wharf to assign a headphones when they’re not in use. This underline is not wholly necessary, as a headphones can be charged regulating a enclosed micro-USB cable, yet being means to dump them down and collect them adult yet fiddling with a wire is positively an superb touch.
The headphones themselves are easily designed, braggadocio some-more in common with a span of Beats headphones than prior gaming headsets from Turtle Beach. There are a few things that still reason Turtle Beach behind yet in terms of design. The earcups are a tiny bit too bustling with several logos, a flashing Bluetooth standing lights demeanour stupid, and they don’t overlay adult for easier transportation.
The cosmetic bombard of a headset feels plain and built to last, that is fitting since a package doesn’t embody a carrying case. The stuffing on a ears and wipe feels soothing and luxurious, and it’s impossibly gentle on a head. This is rather startling given a altogether weight of a headset of 372g, that is unequivocally complicated subsequent to a i30 during 314g.
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The headset is also lonesome in buttons that control what you’re listening to, with 8 buttons in sum separate opposite 4 on any ear cup. On a and side, this means we don’t have to strech into your slot to control what you’re listening to: we can skip tracks, boost or diminution volume, adjust a audio form to boost drum and treble, spin a mic on and off, activate sound cancellation, and control Bluetooth.
On a downside, they’re approach too easy to press by accident. They’re located on 4 axes on any ear cup, that is accurately where you’d routinely reason to adjust a headset or spin it off, and they don’t need any genuine vigour to depress, so it’s a bit of a problem until you’ve used a headset for a while. It’s also a lot of things to learn when initial regulating a headset, since we apparently can’t see a buttons when you’re wearing it.
We mentioned that a default ear covers demeanour a tiny bustling since of all a logos. Thankfully, they can be transposed with new ones, permitting this headset some turn of customisation. If we register a headset with Turtle Beach, we spin an “Elite Member” and validate for dual giveaway pairs of orator plates, as good as other useful bonuses such as a two-year extended guaranty and a t-shirt.
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Turtle Beach Elite 800: Audio Quality

The Turtle Beach 800 is one of a best-sounding gaming headsets we’ve ever used. It sounds beautiful during both a high and low ends creation both games and song unequivocally come alive. It also goes adult to honestly absurd volume levels, addressing a serenity that we’ve mostly encountered on prior Turtle Beach headsets.
The headset also includes all a facilities you’d pattern from something during this cost range. The Active Noise Cancellation is a unequivocally inestimable underline for those who transport a lot, and it’s softened dramatically over a underline on a i30, that infrequently felt like it combined pressure. It’s a pointed outcome that blocks out many of a ambient sound in your surroundings, and if you’re personification song as well, we can fake like a outward universe doesn’t exist.
The headphones also exaggerate DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound for audio sources that outlay a Dolby Digital audio signal. This allows we to knowledge audio as if it’s entrance from a pinpointed source, such as bullet glow from behind you, or a automobile pile-up to your side. Like all approximate sound estimate for stereo sources, it’s something of a fudge, and we cite a pristine stereo option, yet it’s a underline we can capacitate or invalidate during your will.
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More interesting, and lacking on many other gaming headsets, is a ability to bucket in specific audio profiles for particular titles such as Battlefield and Titanfall. This is finished by Turtle Beach’s Ear Force Audio Hub program on PC, or a Android app. The downside is that there’s no iOS app during this stage, while a Mac program usually updates a headset’s firmware, it doesn’t control audio profiles. We were regulating a Macbook Air and an iPhone 6 Plus for this review, so we found a miss of program support to change audio profiles annoying.
Thank god, though, that Turtle Beach has private a outspoken outcome options from a headset–the i30 had buttons to make we sound like someone else, and we mislaid lane of a series of phone calls we answered regulating this headset where a chairman during a other finish of a line told us we sounded like a robot.
Bluetooth operation is good, if not well-developed — we were means to get around 20 feet divided from a Macbook Air yet a audio violation up. Battery life of 10 hours is some-more cryptic — competing headsets such as a Mad Catz F.R.E.Q. 9 go adult to 20 hours, doubling this performance. After charging a headset overnight, we encountered a “low battery” warning during around 7pm, that isn’t ideal for those who use their headphones all day.
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We also encountered a same arrange of Bluetooth problems that have prolonged tormented headsets such as these. We’re articulate about occasional audio drops, incidentally switching between sources, and some of a controls operative on some platforms and not others. The Elite 800 has fewer of these sorts of issues than other wireless headsets we’ve used, yet if you’re used to a plain opening of a connected headset, it can be jarring.

Should we buy a Turtle Beach Elite 800?

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 gets many things right. It’s a magnificently well-made headset that sounds positively illusory and is packaged with constrained features. The active sound termination works well, a particular game-based sound profiles are a acquire bonus, and even a approximate sound works well.
There are also lots of good touches–the charging wharf is an superb energy solution, a audio passthrough is a intelligent approach of still being means to get audio by your speakers, and a headset also looks flattering good. It’s positively improved looking than many gaming headsets, and a customisable ear cups are good further for correct diversion fanboys or girls.
There are a few issues, such as a miss of Xbox One support, a comparatively brief battery life and a bulk and weight of a headset itself. However, these are comparatively tiny problems, and don’t majorly detract from a good work finished elsewhere. If you’re looking for a wireless gaming headset that’s also good for use out-and-about, a Elite 800 is a best choice now on a market.


The Turtle Beach Elite 800 excels during a basis of audio performance, comfort and features, creation it a good headset for gamers both during home and on-the-move.

N.B. – The Xbox One specific, Turtle Beach Elite 800X, is due for recover in a Spring. Read some-more about a Elite 800X here.

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