Turtle Beach Stealth 500X Review

What is a Turtle Beach Stealth 500X?

Ever given a Xbox One launched in Nov 2013, it’s been personification catch-up when it comes to gaming headsets. The console didn’t even work with third-party headsets for 4 months after launch, until Microsoft expelled a Official Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter. Now, over a year after launch, a initial wireless Xbox One headset is customarily usually attack a market, that does divided with a need for any adapter during all.
The Turtle Beach Stealth 500X is totally wireless, so doesn’t need to bond to a Xbox One Controller regulating any wires. This additional leisure is a oppulance rather than a necessity, yet it positively creates all a disproportion when you’re personification enlarged online sessions.
The Turtle Beach Stealth 500X comes make-up a latest audio features, such as a comparatively new DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound standard, audio presets and mobile phone compatibility. It has an glorious 15-hour battery life, a detachable high-quality microphone, and useful voice facilities such as Dynamic Chat Boost.
However, a Turtle Beach Stealth 500X isn’t perfect. Comfort, entrance and audio facilities tumble utterly distant brief of Turtle Beach’s Elite 800 headset, that costs customarily £20 more. And while it is totally wireless on Xbox One, you’ll need to physically bond it to a PS4’s DualShock 4 controller to use it with that system.
Overall though, you’re an Xbox One gamer who wants a top-class headset that offers a leisure of wireless, a Turtle Beach Stealth 500X is a headset to get.

Turtle Beach Stealth 500X – Design

Turtle Beach’s headsets come in several opposite flavours when it comes to luxuriousness. At a tip of a tree is a new Turtle Beach Elite 800, that comes with soothing plastic-leather lining, memory froth padding, and a comparatively stylish finish.
At a mid-range, a headsets come with filigree lining, typical froth padding, and maybe a reduction premium/lifestyle-led design. This is where a Turtle Beach Stealth 500X comes in — it’s not as lush as a new Elite 800 stablemate, yet it’s still solidly assembled and gentle for prolonged gaming sessions. The emanate though? The Stealth 500X isn’t a mid-range headset: it carries a high £230 cost tag, customarily £20 reduction than a flagship Elite 800.

The Stealth 500X looks like scarcely each other Turtle Beach headset ever made, in as many as it unequivocally looks like a gaming headset, rather than a lifestyle product. The immature detailing is unchanging with Microsoft’s Xbox branding, yet it doesn’t demeanour utterly cool. Sadly, a ear plates aren’t removable either, so there’s no range for customisation like there is on a Elite 800.

The headset is also ornate with a accumulation of buttons (eight, to be
precise, and dual volume wheels), that is great, yet there’s a lot to
learn, and they’re simply pulpy by mistake. The microphone can be
removed, yet a connector itself protrudes from a headset about an
inch, that isn’t utterly elegant.
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So if it’s not build quality, what’s justifying a high-end cost tab on a Stealth 500X? Well, a headset’s wireless functionality has to be a vital cause – it’s a initial for an Xbox One headset, so it’s now a customarily one on a market. This is supposing by a tiny box that’s about a distance of a container of cards, that connects to a Xbox One regulating USB and digital visual connections. Once connected, interconnected and setup in a Xbox One complement settings (all of that takes reduction than 5 minutes), we can use a headset wirelessly with a Xbox One though a special controller adaptor that’s been a prerequisite adult to now.
The package comes with all a cables we need to use it with an Xbox One, and a 3.5mm handle to bond it to anything with a headphone output. This means a Stealth 500X can indeed be used with scarcely all computers, tablets and mobile phones, nonetheless we still need to make certain a inner battery is charged.
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The battery on a Stealth 500X is rechargeable regulating a enclosed mini-USB cable. It seems like a pattern slip that a headset doesn’t have a micro-USB connector — a same one used to assign a Xbox One controller. As a result, we need a opposite handle plugged into your Xbox One console for a headset, in further to a one for a wireless receiver, that takes adult dual of a console’s 3 accessible ports. Chances are you’ll have another USB pier circuitously if things turn an issue, yet it’s still a frustrating oversight. Thankfully, if we remove or mangle a charging cable, during slightest we can collect adult a new one unequivocally cheaply, or even customarily block it into a customary USB wall charger.
Thankfully, we don’t have to assign a Stealth 500X too often, interjection to a glorious 15-hour battery life. We found that it indeed went somewhat over a quoted ability when we were regulating a headset in stereo mode and a microphone wasn’t connected. The categorical disappointment is carrying to handle a headset in each time — we many cite a wharf on a Elite 800, that allows we to dump a headset in though carrying to block in any cables.

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While a headset doesn’t strictly work with other consoles or PCs, it will work customarily glorious with flattering many anything with an visual audio output. On PS4, you’ll need to use a connected tie to bond it to a controller, that isn’t utterly as superb as on Xbox One, and we won’t be means to control volume regulating a buttons on a headset, yet it works.
Whatever format you’re using, there’s an visual audio passthrough on a wireless receiver, definition we can still outlay diversion audio to your speakers, so other people can hear what’s going on. The headset also includes a 3.5mm audio connector, so we can bond to any device that has a headphone socket.
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Turtle Beach Stealth 500X – Audio Quality

Turtle Beach has warranted a repute for good audio performance, and a Stealth 500X is no slump in this department. The headset’s 50mm drivers broach good audio performance, while a horde of facilities and settings meant we can tailor a sound accurately to your liking.
The large underline for a Stealth 500X is DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound, that has customarily recently been introduced to Turtle Beach’s high-end headsets. When you’re regulating a Dolby Digital source, such as a diversion or a film from your Xbox One, a headset will cleverly retune a vigilance to yield a mistake approximate sound by a headset’s stereo drivers.
The outcome sounds good, nonetheless we trade some of a stereo clarity in lapse for a wider sound stage. It works utterly good in first-person shooters, where we can hear where gunfire is entrance from, and movement movies, that customarily usually sound improved in approximate sound. However, for all of Turtle Beach’s crowing about a introduction of DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound, it doesn’t sound noticeably improved than approximate headphone technologies on competing headsets.
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Sadly, a Stealth 500X is lacking a integrate of a standout facilities that make a bigger brother, a Elite 800, unequivocally mount out. While a headphones do a good pursuit of isolating outmost distractions interjection to good earcup design, they don’t have active sound cancellation, that is a bonus for those who transport prolonged distances often. And while a microphone on a Stealth 500X is unequivocally improved than dark one on a Elite 800, it’s also many easier to lose, and a connector on a ear crater juts out, that creates it demeanour reduction elegant.
One of a best facilities of Turtle Beach headsets in ubiquitous are a tradition sound profiles. You can tweak a audio on a Stealth 500X to such a grade that it competence indeed be a bit overkill. There are 4 categorical categories of audio: Game, Movie, Music and Stereo, that are afterwards damaged adult into sub-categories such as shooters or racing games, fear or movement movies, and acoustic and dance music.
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On a games side, there are particular presets that aim to make a many of renouned games such as Call of Duty, GTA 5 and Destiny. We unequivocally favourite these discerning presets — a layman doesn’t have to know what’s being tweaked, yet a finish formula are excellent. The downside is that we have to bond a headset to a PC to download and conduct these presets, and there’s no Mac or mobile support. You also need a PC to refurbish a headset’s firmware, so bear that in mind if you’re a Mac household.
Microphone peculiarity on a Stealth 500X is excellent, interjection to a fact that a microphone is rarely maneuverable. There are also some good microphone facilities built into a headset. When you’re articulate to people online, your possess voice is pumped behind by a headset so we don’t finish adult shouting. Also, a energetic discuss boost automatically increases other voices whenever in-game audio gets loud.

Should we buy a Turtle Beach Stealth 500X?

If you’re an Xbox One owners looking for a totally wireless headset, afterwards there unequivocally is customarily one choice right now — this Turtle Beach Stealth 500X. More will no doubt be coming, yet for now, this is your customarily choice if we don’t wish to have to physically bond a headset to a Xbox One controller.
That specialism creates it kind of like an Apple iPhone – it’s good during doing one thing unequivocally well, yet you’re profitable a reward for it. It’s a great-sounding headset, yet it lacks a reward peculiarity finish of other headsets in this cost bracket, such as Turtle Beach’s possess Elite 800, as good as some of a good facilities of that headset, such as active sound cancellation.
That said, it’s a fantastic-sounding headset both in terms of speakers and microphone. If we diversion on a Xbox One and spend a lot of time online, we owe it to yourself to ascent to a Turtle Beach Stealth 500X — customarily bear in mind that an Elite 800-style choice is in a works during Turtle Beach’s New York offices and will arrive in a UK after this year.


The Turtle Beach Stealth 500X sounds great, has glorious battery life and offers all a advantages of wireless, yet build quality, facilities and comfort are all distant behind a similarly-priced Elite 800.

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