Twitter lets we go behind in time to any day and any year we want

Twitter in 2018 isn’t accurately a cheeriest of online platforms. Let’s be honest, it never has been, comprising an unconstrained tide of rants, complaints, quarrels and boasts from millions of people all around a world, all of whom are 100% scold 100% of a time.

However, comedy is tragedy and time (apparently). Sadly, we haven’t found a approach to ride we 10 years into a future. We can, however, take we behind in time… on Twitter.

The former CTO of Kickstarter, Andy Baio, this week posted a fun couple that lets we see your Twitter timeline as it would have looked a decade ago.

It’s a fun find that takes we behind to a chronicle of a site that didn’t even have a Retweet symbol yet.

A discerning demeanour has reliable that yes, some of a people we follow desired angry behind in 2008 too, though there were reduction of them on Twitter behind then, so it was somewhat better. And their updates weren’t removing many Likes, that I’m flattering happy about. Also, we have no thought what they’re articulate about, that is utterly funny.

Fortunately, there’s a approach to go behind to any duration of time you’d like to go behind to, after Twitter’s launch, of course. All we need to do is change a date in a URL.

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