Typo 2 for iPhone 6 Review

What is a Typo 2?

The Typo 2 is a third-party keyboard appendage for a iPhone 6, yet it’s no typical peripheral. A somewhat peculiar behind story, involving a luminary and authorised feuds, has helped bearing it into a limelight.

One of a founders of a association behind a Typo 2 is Ryan Seacrest, of American Idol fame. The association was also taken to justice by BlackBerry after a launch of a strange Typo, designed to fit a iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. Seacrest and co apparently don’t seem to mind too much, though.

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Typo 2 – Design

It’s easy to see because BlackBerry is huffing and puffing. Typo’s earthy keyboards demeanour unequivocally identical to a ones you’ll find on classical BlackBerry models, such as a BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Q10. It now seems to have developed a pattern to make it demeanour reduction similar, yet a elementary element stays a same.
The initial thing we beheld after unpacking a Typo 2 is that it’s definitely an superb tiny number. The whole box is done of matte-black soft-touch plastic, that is unfortunately disposed to picking adult fingerprint marks, while a keys themselves are small, glossy and packaged firmly together in 4 rows. In terms of buttons, you’ll find a classical QWERTY charity with apart buttons for particular letters, along with a spacebar, backspace, return, Alt and Shift. Numbers and elementary symbols, such as commas and colons, are integrated with these.

In addition, you’ll see a garland of somewhat reduction informed keys flanking a spacebar, all noted with sincerely self-explanatory icons. These are: home, backlight and keyboard lock.

A slight pattern smirch means that, from beneath, a electronics and backlights are visible, yet usually when a box is empty. The association recommends commanding adult a Typo 2’s 180mAh battery each 7-14 days.

After charging a Typo 2 around a Micro USB pier that sits on a left-hand side, environment adult is easy. The box splits facilely into dual pieces: a bottom section, that carries a tangible keyboard, slides onto a reduce apportionment of a iPhone 6, while a tip territory does a same to a phone’s tip half. Once interlocked, around dual sincerely groundless tabs, a box fits snugly around a iPhone.

At this point, several drawbacks are immediately obvious. First, where’s a iPhone 6’s home pitch gone? Yes, a keyboard covers a home pitch entirely, digest Touch ID – one of a iPhone’s many distinguished facilities – totally and definitely useless. The home pitch on a Typo 2 works as an typical home pitch should, and brings adult Siri too, yet lacks fingerprint technology, that is a vital blow.

Secondly, a box is excessively vast and weighty. The Typo 2 sticks dual fingers adult during anyone who loves a iPhone 6 for a neat frame. On a own, a phone measures 138.1 x 67 x 6.9mm and 129g. The Typo 2 adds about an in. to a height, creation it usually about tiny adequate to fit into a customary jeans pocket. At a thickest point, a Typo 2 is about twice as fat as a iPhone 6 – a additional bulk is very, unequivocally noticeable.

What’s more, given a tip of a keyboard sits right during a bottom corner of a iPhone screen, a bottom 3mm or so of a arrangement is rather formidable to entrance with your digits. Loads of apps use this area of a shade as a dashboard of sorts, that creates this another rather vast issue. The sides of a box are a hold too thick, too, so that a earthy energy and volume buttons are a tiny tough to get to, notwithstanding ideally sized cutouts.

Typo 2 – Typing Experience

Pairing a Typo 2 with a smartphone around Bluetooth is discerning and straightforward, and a accessible user beam enclosed in a wrapping explains how to use a several buttons (or combinations) to limit effect. Unfortunately, a Bluetooth tie puts a vast aria on a tangible phone’s battery, and we found energy levels dwindling quickly.

Typing is typically quicker on a earthy keyboard than on a digital one, and a Typo 2 keeps adult a tradition. My fingers have a prolonged story of being rather awkward – training to play a brief mention of Camille Saint-Saëns’ Danse Macabre on a keyboard took weeks of use during propagandize – yet a Typo 2 is easy to use.

The spacebar is a usually pitch on a Typo 2 that lies totally flat, with all others adhering out during a slight angle, creation it easier for your fingers to heed particular keys. The peculiar typo aside, a dinky tiny buttons are easy to navigate and rapid to form with, and make a poetic tiny clicking sound when they’re pushed. However, apparently not everybody is a fan of a noise, with one TrustedReviews member of staff contrast it to lots of knuckles being concurrently cracked.

What isn’t so discerning is a backspace function. Holding it down doesn’t speed adult deletion, so you’ll have to be studious when erasing your errors.

Caps and alt close are easy to get your conduct around, and locking a whole keyboard is elementary enough, yet you’ll have to remember to do this each time we close your iPhone, that is a hassle. If we forget, your slot will roughly positively press a few keys for you, and you’ll run a risk of incidentally locking yourself out of your phone by entering a bucket of improper passcodes. The backlight is good and strong, yet a keys sojourn illuminated for about 15 seconds after a phone is locked, that is another thing to get raw about.

There’s a whole pivotal dedicated to universe currencies but, bizarrely, it usually offers adult $, Yen, # and a heading symbol, notwithstanding a fact that a Typo 2 is also targeted during UK consumers. Since this is a product apparently designed to duty as an “indispensable business tool”, unwell to move basis like £ and € to a list is definitely a oversight. Bankers, lawyers and other such high-fliers would not be impressed. Fortunately, it’s easy to unpair, so we can still tumble behind on a phone’s possess native, digital transport of symbols.

Should we buy a Typo 2?

I was rather looking brazen to regulating a Typo 2 keyboard for a iPhone 6, yet it’s left me entirely disappointed. While it positively creates a clever visible sense and a earthy keys capacitate we to form some-more quickly, a advantages it brings are vastly outweighed by a drawbacks.

It’s large, complicated and a tiny bit of a nuisance. Having to invalidate a keyboard each time we close your iPhone is a genuine pain in a backside, and a hardware restricts entrance to a volume and energy buttons, as good as a bottom partial of a display.

If we really, unequivocally wish to addition your iPhone with a BlackBerry-style earthy keyboard, and have a gangling clod of money fibbing around, go for it. Otherwise, don’t. It’s not value $99. Alternatively, go buy a BlackBerry.


A good idea, yet a drawbacks transcend a positives.

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