UniCloud Combines Crowdsourcing and Gamification to Launch Jelastic…

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UniCloud Combines Crowdsourcing and Gamification to Launch Jelastic Cloud

Unizeto have blown a minds with a singular and collaborative approach they have launched Jelastic around UniCloud

Palo Alto, Calif. (PRWEB) Mar 12, 2015

Jelastic, Inc., a initial association that introduced a new grade of leisure in a cloud with containerization for DevOps, has announced their partnership with Unizeto Technologies, an IT association specializing in acceptance services, information centers, mass communications, web and mobile solutions and higher cloud computing solutions.

Unizeto Technologies a launched successful new formula on a gloss marketplace – UniCloud – to broach a Jelastic cloud height around a diversion challenge. Users are invited to attend in a game, a plea of quests, where they acquire rewards or “loot” by exchanging knowledge points. They contest opposite other Jelastic users around a leaderboard to see who is a ultimate winner.

“Unizeto have blown a minds with a singular and collaborative approach they have launched Jelastic around UniCloud,” pronounced Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO. “Registered users contingency perform quests to amass knowledge points that they can afterwards redeem for prizes and/or for giveaway 1-3 months subscription. For example, a second query is a elementary charge of formulating an sourroundings and installing Magento around a Marketplace. The third query involves installing Joomla around a Jelastic dashboard, cloning a whole sourroundings and giving permissions to conduct a counterpart for a new email address.”

Registration for a beta exam began in Nov 2014 and was suggestive of a diversion “RPG” and a doing was met with good interest. Internet users who have concluded to play, are given a event to benefit points for a service, perform a tasks compared with regulating UniCloud and pity of suggestions and ideas during “The Chamber of Confidences”. This allows users to supplement their comments and opinion on proposals for changes finished by other users, thereby defining a priorities for a expansion of a platform.

In reduction than dual weeks from a beta launch of a platform, a series of purebred persons participating in a beta had doubled and interjection to their feedback, UniCloud were means to effectively revoke exam costs and improved compare a genuine needs of a use to customers, that is a pivotal component to implementing UniCloud’s height on a market. The series of users now during 5,000 continues to grow, notwithstanding a finish relinquishment of paid promotion activities.

“Use of gamification and crowdsourcing can give really fantastic formula in selling activities. Gamification is injecting elements of fun to perform. This is finished mostly by a resource of famous games – points, leaderboards, hurdles and levels.” pronounced Paul Tkaczyk, author of “Gamification” and gloss group owner. “This resolution gives a association a rival advantage by cost reductions and uninformed instrumentation to a customer’s expectations with honour to a beta test, that in themselves are not always seen as an appealing process.”

As of Mar 12, everybody can try UniCloud’s Platform in a giveaway hearing and yield feedback or have approach hit with Polish support. For technical and pricing details, revisit UniCloud’s website.

UniCloud is a initial cloud height as a use indication supposing by a information core located on Polish territory. This will safeguard that it is supposing in suitability with inhabitant standards of information insurance and security, and with technical support in Polish. With a far-reaching operation of capabilities and palliate of use, UniCloud allows an boost in a potency of developers, administrators and IT managers.

“Implementing a technologically modernized PaaS use means that we are tighten to a finish customer. We concentration on a maximal simplification,” pronounced Ilona Miziewicz – Groszczyk, Product Manager, Unizeto. “Such a resolution should be easy and beguiling to use, both for developers formulating applications online, and IT departments looking to offload their servers. UniCloud is ideal both for beginners and allege turn developers.”

For some-more modernized users, UniCloud becomes a absolute tool. With a platform, developers can rise and run their applications, removing a genuine pledge of autoscaling resources rightly (both adult and down). This allows for cost optimization. UniCloud users do not have to worry about maintenance, government and patching a handling system. They can concentration on essay programs given UniCloud supports many renouned expansion environments; PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js, .NET and collection such as GitHub and SVN. Developers also accept support around a program expansion cycle, including easy cloning of environments during contrast and production. A far-reaching choice of program stacks by default, and Docker and Cartridges templates, plugins for Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans IDEs and other technologies integrated inside make Jelastic a warden cloud with a formidable solution.

“Research organisations such as 451 Research and Gartner envision a top commission expansion in cloud computing marketplace for Platform-as-a-Service category solutions. Customers currently are looking for a elementary to use cloud-based height that supports a focus life cycle: from programming, by testing, to focus maintenance. UniCloud creates formulating applications in a cloud easier than it’s ever been before,” explains Pawel Owczarek, Director of Data Center by Unizeto Technologies SA.

From a beginning, Jelastic has been a colonize PaaS regulating containers virtualization record for focus deployment, lifecycle management, scalability and ZERO CC (zero formula changes). In addition, Jelastic provides singular straight scaling for all focus containers with bucket spikes and non-static loads in general. The granular straight scaling provides a ability to automatically scale adult and down stateful apps, bequest apps and apps that were not designed for plane scaling, ensuing an easy approach to quit and urge existent workloads.

About Unizeto Technologies

Unizeto Technologies is an IT association famous in Poland and worldwide, handling given 1965.

Solutions charity by a Company and formation projects are characterized by high quality, technological creation and special caring for high information security. Their portfolio of solutions meets a expectations of a clients from all tools of a marketplace – a open administration zone around amicable confidence and health care, and business and residential customers. It’s also a certified partner of tellurian IT attention leaders such as Cisco, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, Novell, OKI, Oracle and many others.

In 1998 a Company combined a initial Polish open acceptance management – CERTUM General Certification. It is a oldest and a largest open acceptance management in Poland, handling on a worldwide scale, providing services associated to electronic signatures, including a new formula – SpaceSSL.

The Company is charity cloud computing services in IaaS and PaaS models around their Data Center UniCloud, formed on Jelastic technology.

Unizeto Technologies annually organizes a largest general discussion in Europe clinging to electronic trust issues, including: electronic signatures, PKI and electronic marker – The European Forum on Electronic Signature (EFPE).

About Jelastic

Jelastic, Inc. is a initial association that introduced a new grade of leisure in a cloud with containerization for DevOps. Jelastic is a venture-backed craving program association that enables hosting use providers, systems integrators, enterprises and OEMs to unleash a full intensity of a cloud to beget higher ROI and efficiencies. Investors in Jelastic are Runa Capital, Almaz Capital and Maxfield Capital.

For some-more information revisit us during http://www.jelastic.com, or follow us on Twitter during http://www.twitter.com/Jelastic, and Like Us on Facebook during http://www.facebook.com/jelastic

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