UnicornGo: a Fair Game for a Smart Generation


Players multiply crypto unicorns by channel dual individuals. New unicorn traits are combined on a basement of a parental genes with a probability of gene mutations.

In this practical world, players can name partners for cross-breeding in sequence to obtain essential offspring. The mechanics of gene channel and estate of several characteristics, that form a successive era of fabulous unicorns, are formed on genuine systematic genetics research.

In fact, any actor can minister to a expansion of scholarship by formulating new unicorns and cross-breeding races. The some-more gene crossings occur, a some-more secrets scientists can expose about a mechanisms of gene mutations, with a assistance of blockchain technology. The investigate from all in-game tact is eliminated to a blockchain by a rarely gifted program expansion team.

In further to their digital genetic traits, any unicorn can build a possess marketplace value by gaining popularity, heading to a potentially aloft trade value. In a future, this can lead to a arise of luminary unicorns. Breeding with such a unicorn can be in high direct and therefore lead to a estimable distinction to a owner.

The categorical in-game banking is CandyCoin. It is used for all operations in a diversion and has a singular supply of 12,000,000 coins released by intelligent contracts. With a expansion of a game, CandyCoin will also grow in price, that opens good opportunities for pacifist and active income.

A actor can multiply singular unicorns, deposit in land plots to furnish in-game consumables, and sell them on a exchange. The categorical idea of a plan is to popularize crypto-currency and emanate a quick mercantile complement that allows people to acquire income by playing.

At this moment, everybody can buy GEN-0 unicorns possibly for CandyCoin or Ethereum.

Crypto Assets

  • CandyCoin – a inner diversion currency
  • Unicorns – a collectible item with flighty value
  • Land – used to furnish MegaCandy
  • MegaCandy – upholder that reduces cooldowns for tact and appearance in tournaments

Currently, CandyCoin is being traded on a ForkDelta exchange, and is in a voting theatre for being listed on Cobinhood and other renouned crypto exchanges.

Smart contracts used in a diversion are formed on a Ethereum platform. The successive step is to pierce to a Universa blockchain, that offers aloft transaction speeds and roughly 0 fees.

Currently a UnicornGo group is operative on:


  • Integration of Universa record for a game. This record will concede quick and inexpensive sell to be executed within a network;
  • Tournaments, that will concede unicorns to contest with any other, formed on their attributes, for prizes;    
  • Own sell that will concede trade for MegaCandy/CandyCoin and where users will be means to use to modify their in-game resources into money!

The beta-version of a diversion has already been launched. The marketplace is now also available! Unicorns can be traded, sole and bought on a marketplace and offering for breeding.

The mobile chronicle of a game, that is underneath development, will move a players into protracted reality, with a Izetex group operative on integrating crypto unicorns into a genuine world.

The UnicornGo group together with BasisNeuro has already grown a neural interface for determining crypto unicorns with a energy of thought! A new high-tech tool pattern is being combined underneath a superintendence of a former Tesla designer. This new tool promises to turn a genuine sensation.

The initial era of unicorns, GEN-0, can already be bought on a central website. The GEN-0 unicorns are singular to 30,000 and will be a predecessors to all successive generations. This opens essential gains for any user, generally for early members of a village – GEN-0 unicorns’ genes are incidentally generated with a 30 percent aloft possibility than in a successive generations to get singular patrimonial traits. Moreover, in this fairytale world, any actor can locate their fitness by a tail. Anyone who acquires a Legendary Unicorn will get a $10,000 esteem from UnicornGo as a reverence from a group for ancillary a project.

Find out some-more about a UnicornGo project, squeeze a first-generation unicorn and try your fitness to win $10,000 on a company’s central website https://unicorngo.io/

To emanate your possess singular unicorn and play with a facilities in a sandbox, follow a couple http://demo.unicorngo.io/

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