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Now business get to suffer record driven by analytics and advantages of mobile-optimized cloud partnership collection that motivate employees and assistance them say patron cognisance from any device anywhere. – Nick Payab

UniVoIP, a pioneering personality in Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications as a Service solutions, is gratified to announce that Cloud Technology Insight Magazine has named UniVoIP as a Top 10 Cloud Solution Provider of 2019. Offering a cloud-based, Omnichannel Contact Center Solution, Unified Communication and partnership tools, and an modernized apartment of IP phones and softphone applications, UniVoIP was comparison for enabling enterprises to redefine patron knowledge in their particular industry.

“Our multimedia hit core concentration enables enterprises to use their clients in a many fit and complicated proceed possible,” says Nick Payab, COO and co-founder of UniVoIP. By enabling enterprises to rivet their business by mixed channels including web chat, email, amicable media, SMS, and self-service options – all monitored and managed on one height – enterprises are putting their business in a motorist chair of their possess patron experience.

With real-time and chronological methodical reporting, as good as modernized management, forecasting and formulation tools, enterprises are versed to some-more well sight agents to urge hit core Key Performance Indicators, like First Contact Resolution, Sales per Agent and Call Abandonment. “Contact core supervisors get entrance to voice and shade recording of agents that will assistance them fine-tune operations and training,” says Payab.

Servicing hundreds of mid-size businesses to vast enterprises opposite a country, UniVoIP prioritizes patron compensation with guaranteed business outcomes. Offering 24/7/365 US-based patron support, ongoing admin and user training, monthly LIVE training sessions, and a 100% consultative proceed singular to any customer, UniVoIP is a attention customary in patron service.

With visions of creation for a future, UniVoIP skeleton to incorporate some-more elements of routine automation and AI-powered analytics into their solutions.

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UniVoIP is heading provider of UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solutions with concentration on patron satisfaction. UniVoIP serves middle to vast enterprises everywhere by leveraging best-of-breed integrated business communications platforms that broach modernized multimedia hit core functionality, cloud-based partnership tools, mobility applications, and a world-renowned apartment of modernized IP phones including mobile integration. Powered by a group with over 40 years of knowledge together, UniVoIP is an attention leader, delivering extensive UCaaS solutions to a accumulation of industries including education, legal, finance, nonprofit, genuine estate and healthcare. Visit univoip.com.


Cloud Technology Insights repository has turn a colonize in charity a finish design of rising technologies and products, attention trends and investigate and innovations in a margin of cloud formed record and infrastructure. Following a singular proceed of learn-from-peer, Cloud Technology Insights has turn a many sought after height for pivotal preference makers in a attention given they are means to share their knowledge and recommendation with their peers. Visit cloudtechnologyinsights.com.

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