UnoTelly Review

What is UnoTelly?

Have we ever wished we could watch a US chronicle of Netflix outward North America? What about throwing adult on a latest part of Dr Who when distant from Blighty’s shores? Want to use Spotify in Canada? UnoTelly is a use that lets we do all of that.

It’s legal, yet maybe a dignified grey area – we’ll get into because later.
Essentially a DNS (Domain Name System) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) service, UnoTelly enables we to mangle giveaway from a holds of plcae and take advantage of all a good streaming services around a globe.
It covers a immeasurable infancy of devices, from iPhones to Windows XP machines and PS3 to hundreds of routers.

Just a few of a inclination lonesome by UnoTelly’s extensive setup system

All this leisure comes during a price, of course. The Premium Plan, that covers DNS, costs $4.95 per month while a Gold Plan, that also provides VPN services, costs $7.95 per month.

VPNs let we secure your Internet tie and forestall snooping, yet carrying a VPN isn’t required to entrance streaming calm from other countries. It’s usually useful if we have remoteness and online confidence concerns.
There are a array of giveaway services, such as a Hola Unblocker browser plugin, or giveaway DNS servers we can use. Unfortunately, while free, these don’t yield a sharp knowledge we competence wish for.

Hola Unblocker frequently conks out and can delayed your ubiquitous browsing and – many annoyingly for binge-watchers – fails to play a subsequent part in a Netflix series. Free DNS servers tend to work intermittently – there one day, left a next. So there’s really a space for a use like UnoTelly.

How does UnoTelly work?

While many rights owners competence not like it, it’s not indeed bootleg to watch US Netflix in a UK. UnoTelly routes all requests by a possess DNS servers and tricks services such as Netflix into meditative you’re in a US, or a UK or any one of a other countries that Netflix operates in.

UnoDNS does this by formulating a network hovel from your device or router to UnoTelly’s servers. The good thing is that it’s usually a upheld streaming services that get rerouted; your normal browsing isn’t affected, so Google searches are still applicable to your location.

UnoVPN is a small different. It masks your IP residence to seem as if you’re joining to a Internet from a US or UK. This means that we can entrance sites that are blocked from your tide location.

Using a VPN also means information we send over uncertain connections, like giveaway Wi-Fi during your internal coffee shop, stays private. It even secures we from your ISP’s meddling eyes. VPN services can see what we do, as all gets routed by their servers, yet UnoTelly claims to usually keep smallest logs. These include: login time, logout time and a volume of bandwidth used.

While we don’t acquit a practice, we can use UnoVPN to entrance swell sites, yet not regulating any of a US VPNs. Do that and UnoTelly will cancel your use toot sweet.
Why don’t rights owners and managers like bypassing plcae settings? Well, a owners of a film or TV array tend to sell a rights on a plcae basis. So while we get to watch a likes of Family Guy on US Netflix, we can’t on a UK version. So a understanding competence not have been sealed yet, a programme builder might have an disdainful agreement with another use in that region, or Netflix has selected not to branch adult a money to uncover it in that locality. Services like UnoTelly bypass these segment lockdowns.
So either a use providers like it or not, regulating a DNS to watch calm is now authorised and a advantages for your observation knowledge can be really vast indeed.

What does UnoTelly let we do?

We’ve already mentioned that we can watch US Netflix in a UK, yet there’s a lot some-more than that. There are now 330 unbarred channels we can watch, with a likes of 4oD, iPlayer and Demand 5 all on a list.

Just a few of a 300 streaming services on offer

iPlayer in sold is a good instance of a use that should be accessible in other countries if we compensate your UK TV permit fee.
Currently iPlayer blocks we if we try to entrance it while you’re divided on holiday. There’s no approach to locate adult on your favourite soaps or sitcoms abroad, even yet you’re still forking out your permit fee. With UnoTelly we can watch iPlayer while you’re abroad. Nice.
Not usually can we set adult region-specific settings for a likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, we can also change settings on a fly.

Tweaking your settings is elementary adequate regulating a Windows 8-like menu

Access UnoTelly’s Dynamo Settings page on a website and we can name that nation to tide from. You can even select either we wish subtitles blocked from Netflix. Up to 3 countries can be set adult during once, so we don’t have to keep flipping when we wish to watch from a UK, a US or somewhere else.
UnoVPN, on a other hand, lets we implement apps that need a UK or US IP address. So if we wish iPlayer on your Xbox One in a US, we can use a UnoVPN UK server to implement it. It also keeps your information and browsing private, distant some-more than regulating Incognito mode on Chrome.

One of a best facilities of UnoTelly is that there are no bandwidth caps during all. Some identical services have caps, yet UnoTelly lets we tide to your heart’s content. We’ve been heavily regulating Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video in Full HD and have gifted no throttling issues whatsoever.

Take note, though: there are a few websites that retard entrance around VPN. In fact, some network providers do it, too. We’re not wakeful of any UK ISPs that rehearse this, yet there are rumours that some US ones might retard entrance to certain servers.  

UnoTelly Setup

You’ll need to get your hands a small bit unwashed to get UnoTelly working, yet don’t let that shock we off. You have to entrance your device’s DNS settings (and/or VPN if we opt for that feature). Each device has a opposite process of accessing, changing and saving this information.

Thankfully UnoTelly is a doddle to set adult on flattering most any device, interjection to an impressively extensive list of how-to guides. We tested it on an iPad Air 2, an Android phone regulating 4.4 KitKat, a Windows 7 PC, a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and a PS4. Some of a some-more renouned guides even have step-by-step videos to make it even easier.

Step-by-step instructions are accessible for hundreds of devices. Some even embody video tutorials

In a week or so we’ve been contrast UnoTelly it’s achieved flawlessly, vouchsafing us watch US Netflix and US Amazon Prime Instant from a UK. Crucially we haven’t gifted any stalemate of a ubiquitous browsing, an emanate we’ve found with some of a giveaway DNS services available.

The usually time you’ll onslaught to set UnoTelly adult is if we don’t have certain entrance rights to your device. If we have a work phone or laptop, for example, we might not have entrance to a settings that concede we to change a DNS.


Yes, a area might be a small grey, yet regulating a DNS or VPN to entrance streaming calm accessible in another nation is not, currently, illegal. It’s not a same as downloading films and TV programs from untrustworthy swell sites.

UnoTelly is one of a easiest ways we’ve found of exploiting this loophole, and a advantages are tidy. Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video have most richer and some-more sundry libraries in a US compared to a UK.

The doubt is either your needs aver a monthly fee. UnoTelly is one of a cheapest services of a form we’ve seen and comes with total bandwidth. We’ve found it really useful, yet afterwards we watch a lot of Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, and like to have entrance to iPlayer or other video streaming channels abroad. If that’s a box for we afterwards UnoTelly is good value a investment.

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