Urbanista Rome Headphone

What are a Urbanista Rome?

Urbanista has combined a new Rome in-ears to a line of low-cost wireless earphones. The £60 cost puts a Rome above Urbanista’s cheaper Berlin earphones, though it appears that a bad audio peculiarity issues that tormented a cheaper set have eliminated to this pricier offering.

So, while a earbuds themselves competition a pattern identical to Apple’s AirPods, a Rome miss a kind of audio peculiarity you’d pattern from Apple’s wireless alternatives. In fact, a sound is so bad, even a partially low £60 cost tab seems approach overpriced.

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Urbanista Rome 5

Urbanista Rome – Design and Comfort

Urbanista’s latest earphones are accessible in Blue, Rose Gold, White and a inexplicably patrician ‘Dark Clown’, that fundamentally means black. we was sent a latter, and while a black finish positively goes a prolonged approach to creation a span demeanour sincerely sleek, a bulky, rubberised neckband creates a Rome feel a small unwieldy.

That neckband facilities a inline remote, usually next a right ear bud, that consists of volume adult and down buttons and a pairing symbol that doubles as a Play/Pause control. You’ll also find a micro-USB charging pier next these raised-rubber buttons.

Extending from a rubber neckband are dual lengths of some-more stretchable wire, heading to any ear bud. That handle feels utterly flimsy, and a cosmetic subsidy on a behind of any ear blossom does small to assistance redeem some clarity of reward design.

Adding to a rather old-fashioned feel here is a ear buds themselves. The now flattering many customary IEM (in-ear monitor) pattern is nowhere to be seen on a Rome. Instead, we get what in my opinion is an unreal and old-fashioned ear blossom design, also seen on Urbanista’s Berlin pair, whereby we have to force a whole pod that’s contained in a silicone blanket inside your ear.

Urbanista Rome 3

I found it impossibly worried to jam a ear pieces in, and though a IEM element, there was a lot of sound steam – not to discuss unequivocally small isolation. Perhaps people with incomparable ears will find them some-more agreeable, though we positively wouldn’t suggest regulating a Rome when out and about on open transport, due to a sound steam and bad isolation. In fact, we wouldn’t even suggest regulating them during home, given their plain uncomfortable.

However, estimable of note are a magnets in a behind of any ear pod,. These capacitate we to join a Rome pods together when not in use. This isn’t a outrageous thing, though a reward nonetheless.

Overall, a Rome are by no means ugly. At initial peek they indeed demeanour rather premium. But on closer inspection, you’ll find many aspects of a pattern a letdown. And while runners might find a set useful for permitting sound from a outward universe to trickle through, generally there are many improved earphones available.

I’d opt for a connected span with an IEM pattern over a Rome, usually to urge siege and altogether comfort. If we unequivocally wish a decent set of bill wireless phones, and don’t mind a massive battery pack, a £70 SoundMagic E10BT are a approach to go.

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Urbanista Rome – Features

Of course, a categorical underline here is Bluetooth, and opening is generally utterly stable. That’s startling for an affordable span of earphones such as this. Setting adult and pairing a Urbanista Rome was as candid as with any other decent set of wireless earphones, and a vigilance remained unchanging – with minimal break-ups in sound – via my time regulating a set. The plain Bluetooth opening might be a Rome’s best underline – although, as a wireless set of headphones even during a bill finish of a scale, we should pattern decent performance.

Unlike a Berlin, Urbanista’s Rome offer decent battery life. While a former provides usually a measly 4 hours of play time, a latter offer adult a many some-more important 16 hours. That’s improved than even a differently aloft SoundMagic E10BTs, with their 10-12 hour battery life. In further to this, a Rome earphones take usually dual hours to assign for a whopping 600 hours’ standby time.

The remote on a neckband allows we to adjust a volume, postponement and play tracks, or skip between tracks. Those controls will work regardless of either you’re regulating iOS, Android, or even a Windows Phone, and worked though destroy during my time with a earphones.

The Rome also exaggerate IPX4 H2O resistance, that means there’s no dirt or molecule protection, though a earphones will reason adult opposite any splashes – usually don’t go dropping them in a sink.

Urbanista Rome – Sound Quality

Before indeed listening to song by a Urbanista Rome, a old-fashioned ear blossom pattern was a many unsatisfactory element. Once we started listening, that changed.

After pairing a set with my phone and jamming a earbuds into my ear during an angle that had them feeling marginally comfortable, we strike play. The sound that greeted me was, frankly, so bad we was assured there was a problem with a Bluetooth.

Urbanista Rome

As is mostly a case, generally with cheaper wireless earphones, a Bluetooth vigilance will come in during a unequivocally low peculiarity for dual or 3 seconds, before readjusting itself for playback during a common aloft fortitude level. And when we initial listened a sound from a Rome, we honestly suspicion a earphones had simply unsuccessful to make a correct wireless tie and had turn stranded during a low-quality level.

It was identical to that of a severely dense YouTube video. The three-way was non-existent, and a drum – nonetheless clearly utterly full-bodied – wasn’t attack as it should. Good drum response relies on a parsimonious in-ear sign – something we simply couldn’t grasp with a Rome.

So we unpaired them, re-paired them, attempted them with my laptop, attempted them with another phone, though a same bad audio peculiarity remained throughout. The reduction costly Urbanista Berlin also suffered from bad audio, though a Rome are a good £30 some-more expensive, and as such we was awaiting something better.

Be warned: a sound peculiarity of these Rome earphones is so low that they’ll unequivocally usually be good as a last-resort backup pair, or for listening to podcasts that don’t need a many energetic sound.

Urbanista Rome

Should we buy a Urbanista Rome?

Put simply, no. While a battery life and plain Bluetooth opening are saving features, we simply can’t suggest these earphones. In fact, a sound peculiarity valid so bad we resorted to regulating a Rome usually for podcasts – song sounded so degraded, it was indeed a onslaught to listen. Even for this low price, we pattern to be means to indeed listen to your song though wondering either there’s a problem with a wireless technology.

If we don’t mind spending £20 more, check out Marley’s on-ear RISE BT offerings, that while not a best on-ear Bluetooth earphones available, offer distant some-more strong sound than a Rome. However, if we unequivocally wish to hang with smaller, in-ear offerings afterwards a SoundMagic E10BT unequivocally are a best bill wireless in-ear phones accessible – and they cost usually £10 more.


An affordable cost simply can’t make adult for severely bad sound peculiarity on these bill Bluetooth offerings.

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